New wave of sex trade hits Kampala


There is a new form of elite prostitution mainly by corporate and working class people who make money in a smart and untraceable way. There are escort agencies, which provide men with ladies for sexual pleasure and there are also masseuses in massage parlours who offer “happy endings” to the customers.
These are picking up fast in Kampala because it has a larger section of Uganda’s middle class.

Many people are using these to further invisible prostitution, an activity prohibited by the Penal Code Act.
From time to time, the police have swung into action to arrest conventional prostitutes by raiding lodges, bars, hotels, streets and other leisure spots where they suspect prostitution is happening. But they never raid parlours or escort agencies because the prostitution taking place here is undetectable.

How buyers access preyProbably because of this aantage, a number of individuals, mostly men and a few women are playing it safe by visiting these massage parlours paying for sex or telephoning the escort agencies to procure for them ladies for company and more by the end of the night.

Many of these customers are fairly high on the corporate ladder as the monies involved are not small. Just as one Tina states, “For Bazungu (whites), it’s usually between Shs100,000 and Shs70,000. A Ugandan can pay me between Shs50,000 and Shs20,000. On a good night, I can go home with Shs200,000.”

Besides the risk involved such as exposure to sexually transmitted diseases like HIVAids, unwanted pregnancies, it is saddening because many of these girls involved are young, anything between 21 and 35 years.
Despite of this, many girls are adamant to stay in this elite prostitution because, as they say, this sex trade comes with various aantages including quick and lucrative earnings as well as exposure to travel opportunities courtesy of the generosity of their clients.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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