New headphones launched in the market

A new brand of headphones has hit the market in Uganda. Dubbed boomboom the headphones take up a new form and style that has been missing in the market.

The headsets are pioneering a breakthrough inverse wave hd control (iwhd) sound engine that rebalances and redefines the way we listen to music. For the first time ever in the premium headphones category, sound has been reengineered using revolutionary IWHD control technology

Inverse Wave Hd Control technology employs built-in Nano microphones to cancel out ambient noise to deliver a magical sound experience, devoid of any external noise.

With focus on design, style and performance, boomboom provides consumers with products that enhance their lifestyle and provides a premium music experience. These amazing musical tools have been created largely with people of good taste and fashion in mind.

Boomboom is devoted to reinventing the emotional connection between the listener and their music while enhancing their desire to express their good taste and unique style.
“We believe technology can be a tool for one to express who they really are and the kind of taste they posses,” Says Mr. Hudson Kwezi Boomboom Managing Director.
The headphones are in three categories ranging from studio headphones to earphones.

Soltune is Meticulously handcrafted from the finest rare materials to uncompromising standards. Engineered with pure, elegant, and extremely light metal alloy, 18 Carat rare etched Gold. Curved in ergonomic alloy case to seamlessly fit the ear, the crystal clear rumbling sound is seamlessly tuned by the proprietary IWHD sound engine. Soltune gives true music lovers a perfect high definition sound treat, without losing on that premium feel of the whole sound experience.

The headphones also allow you to answerreject calls hands free, playausefast forwardrewindskip songs, turn Volume upDown, and voice command your device remotely all with just a touch of a button.

Soltune is available in two colours Sapphire Gold and Gun grey.
Soltune retails at Ushs 79,900
Soltune comes with a two-year free replacement Warranty.

Built for style and performance, The Tunefella is a thing of beauty ready for music eruption. With its lightweight structure and sleek glossy finish, Tunefella fits comfortably on the head and caps the ears so well, dipping you into the energy and splendor of music. The proprietary INVERSE WAVE HD ENGINE preserves the magic of crystal clear sound in high-definition.
Ergonomically angled ear cups swivel to complete this natural fit and provide optimal comfort and sound delivery
Tunefella fits well with music enthusiasts who enjoy music with real punch the bass is well tuned to bring out the crisp detail of every song.
Tunefella is available in two colors mystic black and nugget white.

Tunefella retails at Ushs 500,000 and will be available at all boomboom stores and select retailers.

Studio XT
With fine-tuned acoustic engineering for clarity, emotion and balance, Studio XT delivers a complete musical experience. Its vibrant and wide range of sound will bring you closer to your music now more than ever.

Studio XT spots a sleek, streamlined gorgeous look. Starting at the center of the flexible headband, the frame of the Studio XT has an aanced curve that gives it a custom-fit feeling.
Studio Xt is fits well with everyday people who need their smooth music with not too much bass yet with hi fi sound experience.
Studio XT is available in two colors: mystic black and nugget white
Studio XT retails at UGX 149,900 and comes with a two-year free replacement warranty.