Neat and comfy dining

One of the major challenges dining establishments in the suburbs face is how to survive during non peak hours, and in this regard, lunch would have to be the number one priority.

The nature of suburban dining is such that to a large extent, its existence and clientele is heavily based on patronage from those who reside within the community and surrounding environs.
The problem is further exacerbated by our antiquated and overcrowded road network.
Under the most ideal conditions, there would be an artery of road links spanning across the metropolis allowing one to drive from Rubaga Division to Bugolobi within a reasonable length of time, and without monstrous traffic snarls, have a decent meal and do some shopping and return home in good time wholly stress free and satisfied.

One can think of several dining establishments situated in Bugolobi where having a meal is a dicey and risky affair in terms of menu selection, attracting quality cooking and staff. Supper is another matter altogether and for certain one is rarely disappointed.

Fortunately, there is a place that comes to mind where they have a small hotel along with a first class chef in situ who knows his craft and is able to consistently produce superb food.

Located in Bugolobi, Dolphin Suites hotel is a neat and comfortable two to three star hotel that is nestled in this elegant and upmarket suburb of Kampala.

The rooms are priced between $90(Shs 270,000) and $100 (Shs 280,000) including breakfast. There is also a small swimming pool, health club along with limited conference facilities.

While we had heard of the place in passing, none of us had ever been there until last weekend when we were invited by some friends to enjoy a meal at this delightful boutique hotel.

The dining room is a large area that is open which works well during day. However, in the evening, a cardigan or shawl is recommended.
One of us ordered for fish fillet Goujons that were served with Tartare sauce while another of us had the Dolphin fireworks chicken wings. No problem with the former while the latter was not as fiery as desired.

For the entrée, I was happy with the pork chops that were lean to the bone (as desired) and served with stir-fried rice, steamed vegetables and a mini salad.

We also checked out their fillet steak mignon and as requested came medium rare. Executive Chef Patrick Nzui has considerable experience and his clientele also takes in a sizeable number of lodgers, ensures his kitchen is not well-stocked but nary a chance of being served recycled food.

If you go
Place: Dolphin Suites, 36 Princess Anne Drive, Bugolobi
Smoke-free zone: Allowed
Recommended items: Grilled pork chops served with Robert sauce
Service: Somewhat sluggish otherwise good
Ambience: The dining area is strictly alfresco
Open: Breakfast, lunch and supper seven days a week
Our rating: Worth a visit
Menu: Breakfast from 7am to 10.30am, an assortment of dishes.
The space: Spacious and decent
The crowd: Residents and diners from all around
The bar: Coffee, tea juice beer wine smoothies
The damage: Entrees are between Shs 24,000 and Shs29,000 while the Indian fare is around the same price but less for vegetable items.
Sound level: Very good
Parking: Adequate and fully enclosed
If you go: Daily

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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