Nasasira gives away daughter to Israeli


Bishop Emeritus George Tibesigwa has called on Ugandans to embrace intermarriages in the country and across borders to create harmony and social order.

The former Bishop of Ankole Diocese made the call on Saturday at the give way ceremony of ICT minister John Nasasira’s daughter Lorna Nsiima to Mr Vadim Murmis, an Israelite, in Kazo, Kiruhura District.

“God created man that there cannot be any impediment to refuse whoever has chosen to love the other. So I call upon those parents who refuse their children to get married to other tribes, nations to give them freedom to go where God has chosen them to go,” Bishop Tibesigwa said.He added that intermarriages are very important in creating peace, order, love and development among communities and nations.

Bishop Tibesigwa said people should know that love cuts across many boundaries, including tribe, race and nationality.

The cleric, however, castigated violence, destruction, murders and hate which he said are order of the day in modern families. He said they are manifestation that couples start families without love for each other.In his speech, Mr Nasasira, also the area MP, said her daughter’s marriage to an Israelite was not a surprise to him and his family.

“This is my first daughter to give away, more so to as far as Israel. But her getting married in Israel is not a surprise to us because issues of discriminating people have never been heard of in us. Yes, we can have bad people amidst us but not based on what their race, colour, nationality, religion is,” Mr Nasasira said.

President Museveni in a message conveyed for him by Water and Environment minister Ephraim Kamuntu said the rules of marriage are not written and encouraged the couple to have respect for one another.

CoupleMs Lorna Nsiima is a solicitor in the Supreme Court of England while Mr Vadim Murmis is a businessman.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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