Nankabirwa and condition worsens, says NTV

NTV Uganda has called upon the fans of Rosemary Nankabirwa, its former news anchor to continue praying for her as her life is in critical condition.
Ms Nankabirwa is battling cancer at a Nairobi hospital, and her life is reportedly in “critical condition”.
NTV this afternoon posted on its Facebook wall:
“Rosemary is in critical condition and we ask that you keep her in your prayers. We’ll keep you posted about her state.”
Ms Carol Okello one of the hundreds of comments on the post above said, “God please, save her- we’ll glorify your name and she’ll live for you. God please, a shame the devil.”
Ms Faridah Nakazibwe, an anchor at NTV, and one of the #HelpRosemary coordinators posted on her wall Sunday afternoon, “I have just spoken to Rosemary’s attendant in Nairobi….most of her organs are failing. She has been put on life support for now. Pray even harder. We will keep you posted and thanks again for helping her all through. May Gob bless you.”
NTV on Saturday spearheaded a fundraising drive to raise money for specialized treatment for Ms Nankabirwa, 35.
Sources at the television say, the initiatives including a car-washing exercise at the Kampala Serena Hotel, raised over Shs100 million, which was needed for specialized treatment.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor