Nandala backs Muntu


Former Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Nathan Nandala Mafabi has said he will support Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu for 2016 should he decide to carry the Forum for Democratic Change party flag for the race.Speaking to this newspaper at the weekend after he was re-elected as chairperson of Bugisu Cooperative Union, Mr Nandala said Gen Muntu is the party’s president and above all a member of FDC which he [Nandala] has put in a lot for it and wants it to prosper.

“I talk a lot with Muntu. It is only of late that I have been up and down that we have not communicated but he has my full support. Let us give him room to serve the party and the country,” Mr Nandala said, adding that Dr Kizza Besigye and he who were thought to be confrontational have taken a back seat to allow the ‘gentle’ leaders lead the way.

“I will not offer myself for presidency in 2016 let’s offer Muntu and others a chance. He is a member of the FDC and deserves it,” he added.On talk that he would leave FDC, Mr Nandala said he was “not going anywhere” and that he had sacrificed a lot for the largest opposition party in the country that merits not leaving the camp.

When asked if he missed the LoP position, Mr Nandala, who is also the Budadiri West MP since 2001, said he was not missing anything, arguing that he now has ample time for his constituency and family.

“I used to leave home at 7am and come back late. But now I just go to Parliament when there is a plenary session. By the way I even don’t have an office in Parliament so I only go there when there is work. So I now give a lot of time to personal business, Budadiri and my family which I used to miss,” he said.On the disquiet in the ruling NRM party, Mr Nandala, who has on several occasions come under fire by President Museveni for criticising his regime, said the events point to a lack of democracy.

“There is no internal democracy in NRM. If Amama [Mbabazi] can be crashed, then who are those that just joined the party yesterday? This also means the NRM has been cheating us [opposition],” the politician said.Mr Nandala, however, said Prime Minister Mbabazi is a good man and that they miss each other politically. “I worked closely with Amama more than Museveni. He is a good man. People say he is bad but he is a good man. The only thing we didn’t conclude is the Lord Mayor issue and the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA). But he is always a positive man. When I was changed, he gave a good speech about me. He missed me and I also miss him,” Mr Mafabi said, adding that their working relations were cordial.

Mr Nandala, who was suspended from the leadership of BCU in 2010, was last week re-elected unopposed to the same position. This came after a series of investigations into the cooperative body.

Mr Nandala and Gen Muntu’s camps within FDC have had an icy relationship since the November 2012 party presidential election which pitted the two. Muntu won the election. Nandala’s supporters also threatened to quit the party when Muntu dropped Nandala as Leader of Opposition in Parliament recently.

Full interview on BCU and other political issues in People Power next Sunday

Reaction“It is a good development for the party because people have been saying that we are divided but the matter was resolved and Mafabi now recongnises Muntu as the party president. It shows that we have resolved our problems and we are one,” Mr Wafula Oguttu, Leader of Opposition in Parliament.

“That is their business. How does it affect NRM? It does not.How can they pose a challenge to NRM? That is an internal matter,” Ms Karoro Okurut, the NRM spokesperson.


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