Nadduli calls on Museveni to check illegal army deployment

Luweero- Luweero District chairperson Abdul Nadduli has aised President Museveni to check the illegal deployment of UPDF soldiers on private property.

Hajj Nadduli claims that soldiers intimidate legitimate owners of property, an act he said reminds the country about past governments, yet the UPDF has had a good reputation as a people’s army.

“I have been a victim on my own property where UPDF officers continue patrolling my property. We have also seen the army involved in illegal evictions among other acts. It is the Commander-in-Chief who can rein in on his men,” Hajj Nadduli told a press conference in Luweero last Friday.

Citing the case of Kampala University Luweero Study Centre, Hajj Nadduli claimed that the property is guarded by the army, police and some private security agencies who have been instructed to arrest any member from his family if they step foot at the campus.

However, Prof Badru Katerega, the vice chancellor Kampala University, denied the allegations.

“We do not have any soldiers at our study centre in Luweero. The security guards there are not members of the UPDF. We are implementing a court order that bars him [Nadduli] from getting near the university premise until the case involving him and the university is disposed of,” Prof Katerega said yesterday.

The army deputy spokesperson, Maj Henry Obbo, said he was not aware of such deployments at the university.

“The UPDF cannot allow its officers to be deployed while in civilian clothes… I think Hajj Nadduli can help us identify any individual using the name of the UPDF illegally because he is a leader. He should not drag the UPDF in civilian matters,” Maj Obbo said.

The Luweero boss and Prof Badru Katerega are currently involved in a property wrangle involving land at the University study centre where Nadduli claims a breach of contract. Nadduli wants Kampala University officials to vacate the premise at Nakyewa.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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