My seat-belt is always on when I’m driving

What was your first car and when did you buy it?
My first car was a Toyota Corona. (Kibiina). I bought it in 2011.

What was your experience when you drove the car for the very first time on the road?
My God! It was such a scary experience. I was nervous the whole time I was behind the wheel. I kept braking from time to time.

Are you still driving the same car?
No, I now drive an automatic Toyota Progres. I bought it from Coin Motors at Shs12m.

Do you develop any kind of fears whenever you are driving?
Yes, whenever it rains and I am travelling far, I get so worried because the car has a tendency of getting slippery, especially when it rains.
When this happens, I end up taking a lot of time on the road as I have to drive very carefully.

What is the nastiest encounter that you have ever had while driving of recent?
My nastiest encounter of recent was when I tried to overtake a huge truck on the Northern Bypass and there was another truck coming on the other side.
I escaped death by a whisker. I am grateful to God that I am still alive. Every time I drive past that place, I am reminded that God still wants me alive.

Do you ever give out your car to other people to drive?
I only give it out to Viviane, my fiancée and not to other people because the last person I lent it out to brought it back in bad shape. I learnt my lesson.

What is the furthest place you have driven your car to?
The furthest is Gomba District, Kanoni located in central Uganda, my fiancée’s family home. I was driving for my own introduction ceremony.

How often do you take it for servicing?
I service my car at least twice a month depending on my travels. I always pay Shs100,000 and I do service at City Oil, Bomb road.

The one thing you never take for granted while driving is.
Wearing my seatbelt. I always have it on while driving.

Where did you learn to drive from?
I learnt how to drive from home and was taught by different close family members.

Is there anything that you dislike about your car?
I hate the fact that the Toyota progress is not stable especially on rainy days.

What is the last traffic offence you committed?
I was arrested while talking on phone at the Mulago round-about. The police officer was really angry with me since he knew I was working with NTV.

How did you resolve out the issue?
I pleaded for mercy and he forgave me.

Toyota Progrès (pronounced “Prog-Ray”) was a Toyota midsize luxury sedan (saloon car), which was sold in Japan from 1998 to 2007, replacing the Toyota Corona EXiV.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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