My say of December and all these weddings

I don’t know if it is by design or something is special about December and weddings. It is as if everyone is in a hurry to make good on some promises made earlier in the year. Honestly I am about to lose count of the weddings I know personally, that have taken place in the past few weeks. My company alone has been blessed with a number of nuptials.
Talk of New Year resolutions coming to pass – these guys need to be saluted. For you who have failed to see your plans through, this column is to inspire you to start 2015 with confidence that you can achieve that dream. Weddings are not made by money, but by love and choices.
You can choose to wait until you get all the money you need (and you may never get all that money) or you can set a date you can commit to.
The decision to wed is not an easy one. If anyone finds it easy – I am sure they have not put much thought to the consequences of that day. I am also of the opinion that if you find the decision to marry easy, you will not find it difficult to quit either (read divorce). Therefore, a wedding is a very important decision.
My second and last wedding to attend this year happened last weekend (my friends, don’t stop inviting me for your weddings. I once confessed my phobia for weddings here – and slowly, I am improving.)
In Mbale, at the foot of the Mt Elgon, Lydia and Charles Opolot made their commitment. One, a business partner, and the other, a workmate. The two are both my friends, so I could not afford excusing myself from being one of the groomsmen.
So two weeks ago I undusted my suit for the dusty Mbale Town, that also happens to be a town bustling with activities. Opolot’s plot had returned me to the town I had taken over a decade without visiting. The last time I was there, a silly policeman wasted my time when he arrested me for asking him to identify himself after he asked for my Identity Card.
Here I was in Mbale, this time round not at the police station, but, at St Andrew’s Church to witness a couple exchanging its nuptials. A couple of hours at Wash and Wills hotel and Mbale Resort Hotel that overlooks the mountain, I could tell when the dust goes, Mbale is a romantic destination.
Early this year, Opolot told me he planned to wed his girl friend – Lydia. Well, she was more than girlfriend. For us his friends, she was a wife, but not before the Lord and the relatives. I understood Opolot’s decision because Lydia had proved an important pillar in his life. She is the kind of person Opolot needs in his life. She is a pillar and his strength, someone who understands him and supports him 101 per cent.
Knowing that his young company was still finding “its feet”, I thought this could be one of Opolot’s many dreams. Charles was unfazed. And in his admission, he told me that Saturday: “my friends have made this wedding possible.” The satisfaction on his face was proof that weddings were not a women thing, men too enjoy them. It was as if the man had bought his first car, or completed his first house. He was a happy, satisfied man.
That this man made his plan, rather dream real, I trust you too who have postponed your day can push it through. Let 2015 be that year. And you do not have to wait for December. The only reason that can prevent you from marrying your girlfriend or boyfriend, is absence of love. Nothing else.
While today’s weddings are expensive, your wedding does have to be a fanfare, or a mini-concert. Weddings are a product of love between two people. Your decision is all it takes. Everything else is secondary.
Photo: Caesar Abangirah

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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