My Gorgeous Workmate Part 2

I felt smart today, with a lot of positive energy, ready to face the world.

First was the receptionist who complimented me. Then my neighbour, next desk, Lydia, who I believe meant what she said by the way, because whenever I am not smart she tells me so. And if she said I am smart today, she was not saying it just for the sake of it. It has been a wonderful day at work, because of course Albert came to work. He looked pale, and it hurt me to see him like that.

But it was a good chance for me to show that I cared about him. But wait a minute! I am beginning to think this crush I have on Albert is becoming too controlling. I dress for Albert I walk for him and talk for him. What the hell is this? A crush or real love? God of the Heavens!

I was brave enough to talk to him, although I am sure he could notice how shy I become whenever I talk to him.

“Hi Albert,” I had rehearsed that yesterday “You look a little pale. Are you okay?”

“My migraine is back, and it was terrible yesterday. But I am getting better,” he said.

“You need to take lots of water. I got you a glass for now,” I said as I put it on his desk.

“Thanks, Dora. That’s so kind of you,” he said as he sipped. “So, how has this place been?”

“It has been good and calm, although we missed you, I mean, I, uhm… ”

“Boss, I brought you lemon flavoured water to take you through the day,” said Julie, even before I could finish opening up to Albert that it was I who missed him.

“Oh, thank you, Julie. The Lemon flavour will help a lot. And Julie, could you please send me mail concerning the conduct of staff during my absence?” he said.

I could feel the competition between Julie and I had hit rocket high. I imagined what she would write about me after yesterday’s argument. I excused myself and walked back to my desk, feeling defeated and destroyed.

After a few minutes, my desk phone rang

“Hello,” I received it.

“Dora, could you please help Julie compile statistics on staff salaries, and conduct of staff for a period of three months? I had earlier asked her to do it, but then she has received an urgent call to go attend to her sick sister,” Albert instructed me.

I was more than willing to do anything he asked me to do, and of course I answered in the affirmative. I was also relieved because there was no reason to fear, just in case Julie had planned to write bad things about me. The day moved swiftly, I had many intercom calls to answer from Albert, and many results to deliver to him. It felt perfect.

Then, entered Mr Okello, the elderly man who drives the company car. Time check, 3pm. Smiling to him, I said: “Mr Okello, we were looking for you. We wanted you to help us bank these cheques. Julie is not around.”

“She is around. I have just seen her at the front desk,” reported Okello.

“Oh yeah, I am back!” said Julie from behind Okello. “I have two patients to take care of my sister and my boss. I needed to see if he is fine and to wind up the day. I will be spending the night in hospital, so I will see my sister then.”

Blessed Virgin! Party spoiler this woman is!

The most unfortunate part of being a woman is that we compete with house girls for the same man we compete with waitresses for the same man and we compete with prostitutes for the same man. It doesn’t matter which class we are.

Who does the man belong to?

Source : The Observer

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