My Gorgeous Workmate Part 1

Today, I overslept. I should have woken up at 6am, to be able to get myself ready in an hour, but I kept silencing the snooze sound on the alarm.

It isn’t funny having to rush through the morning chores and dressing up so fast. But I made it on time at work – sweating and panting like a tired dog. The parking was full, and I had to squeeze my Gladie (my car’s nickname) onto the pavement.

Most of my workmates were late today. I am glad my boss was late too, so he did not know the time I came in. But one person is missing again Albert, my immediate boss. I have the mother of all crushes on this man. How is one supposed to handle a workplace crush, especially in an open office arrangement like ours?

On a serious note, where is Albert?

He did not come to work yesterday, he is not yet here today, and it is quietly killing me. I just want to see him. I cannot say anything to him, but my poor heart will be at rest just by seeing him. He is a wonderful man, handsome, kind to all, a gentleman, clean and smells so sweet. My problem is Julie, the secretary. She thinks she owns Albert.

I get tempted to ask about Albert.

“Where is Albert? He did not come to work yesterday, and he isn’t here even today,” I ask.

“Do you want us to assume you are more concerned than all of us? Or is it that you have other intentions?” Julie asks.

“But Julie, why do you find fault in every single thing said about Albert? I asked because he is a workmate, and his absence could mean he is sick, or has another problem,” I respond.

“So if you know he is sick, what will you do? Go see him?” says Julie mockingly.

“I am sorry Julie, but you are such a pain in the… pancreas,” I am beginning to feel bad.

Everyone in the office laughs, when I say pain in the pancreas. Maybe I should have put it more bluntly, but then I would sound desperate. Or maybe I am desperate? But I cannot be desperate. Everyone in the world, be it queens of the biggest kingdoms, have had such crushes in their lives. I am not an exception.

This Julie of a woman tries her best to bring me down whenever she gets the smallest chance. But then she stands a chance with Albert more than I do. She is his secretary, so he spends most of the time with her. But she looks bad with that acne on her skin. I mean… I am wondering why she always has her way when there is a hunk on the block.

But doesn’t it get even worse when another man is trying hard to make me notice him? He is everything I do not want in a man. Peter is arrogant, brags a lot about his achievements, thinks he drives the best car at the workplace, has been to all countries in the world, but all I hear is Seychelles imagine that. What a put off! Who wants to know about Seychelles?

One of these days, I should woman-up and face Albert. Tell him how I feel about him. I know many people would think I am crazy, but if he is slow at recognising that I am good for him, I am going to help him see it.

Challenge accepted.

The next time he comes to work, hopefully tomorrow, because the workplace is not good without him, I am gonna face my challenge.

Walk up to him, with a smile on my face, and say, “Hi Albert. I missed you when you were away. How have you been? Can we do tea today?”

Arrggh! I am doing badly. How do men do it? On second thought, is it okay for a woman to express her love for a man?

Source : The Observer

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