My girl’s friend stabbed her in the back

I am not certain if the girls have their own version of this thing which we, with a serious display of lack of creativity, term ‘bro-code’. We could have got a better cooler name for it, but what the heck, this is not about the name. I am sure if the girls have their, I guess it is termed sis-code. But girls are way too selfishly evil to hold back for another girl. See, that is what the bro-code is all about you want it, you really want it, but you decide not to have it. Because you value your buddy more than that thing you want so much.
In relationships, this can be a real test of friendship and character. But like I said, girls don’t seem to be suffering from this burden of true friendship and the sacrifices one has to make to sustain it.

I met a girl about three years ago, and about several months into a relationship with this girl, we were happy. She was well rounded, with looks to make heads turn full circle. Of course, I knew guys were on her case I too would be on the case of a girl like that even if she told me she had just got engaged. There are exceptions to even the so-called bro-code, and this was one where the criminal could claim innocence.
I was always on the look out, protecting my woman from those wolves and hyenas. But, surprise surprise, the danger did not come from one of my gender, oh no. It came from the trouble-making gender — the ones responsible for all the chaos in the world a female. Her friend — her closest friend. You know how girls tell all sorts of things to each other.

Apparently, my girl had been telling her friend about me. And me being on the best behaviour must have seemed like a true prize catch. Not to toot my horn, but I was in fact a very nice guy to that girl, not because I am usually a jackass, but because she was a good person, and she brought out the best in me. So, Miss Friend in one evil moment, whether consciously or unconsciously, decided that she wanted me for herself. And so she began a series of events that would lead to me becoming Miss Friend’s enemy for life.
Yes, I am certain Miss Friend hates me absolutely because, wait for it…. hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! I have living evidence of that. And scorn her I did, indeed, because the only way to deal with such cases is decisively. After getting a couple of seemingly random messages, ranging from “Hi”, to “I liked your shirt today, you make the colour look good”, and her manouvers growing progressively bolder by the day, I very firmly told her to cut out the nonsense. Maybe my girl had noticed too, but decided that this was better handled by me, she never clued me in.

But, one fine day, I was to met my girl but she was late. Miss Friend was there though. She started telling me about my scent, throwing me “come hither” looks, and how she would take better care of me than my girl. I told her that she disgusted me, and I would rather die than even think of dating her. She walked off, and I proceeded to have a very pleasant day with my girl.
For Miss Friend, she has told by everyone she knows that I am a worthless piece of junk. I met her three days ago. One would have thought that after three years, she would have buried the dagger, but wapi! She came to me, told me to go do back things to myself, and stomped off!

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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