My girl doesn’t answer my calls after 8pm

The problem
Dear Heart to Heart, my girlfriend doesn’t answer my phone calls at night, even if it is just 8pm. Sometimes I request her to first let me finish work then I call her, but when I do, she is already asleep. She stays with her sister, and for the six months we have been together, I have never visited her. We work in different districts and she visits my workplace almost every month, but I don’t know her workplace. I am a little bit confused if she truly loves me because I have tried to talk about it with her but she says I can only visit during the day. Please aise.
– Anonymous

Your solutions

My brother, long distance love is always like that. Go visit her at her workplace and discuss it. I suspect she may be seeing someone else. Take our aice but don’t allow us to decide for you.

Sorry but you should be patient, may be with time she will answer when she is no longer staying with her sister. Maybe she doesn’t want her sister to know and hear your secrets on phone.

My brother, I think you are wasting your time on a married woman.

If she visits you every month and you have never visited her anywhere, what is the matter if she tells you by 8pm she can’t receive calls at home? Take it easy, ask her why and then you can replan your calling time.

I suggest you call her during the day and talk whatever you want to talk about.

She could be hiding something that might hurt you if you find out. Make up your mind on whether the answer you might find out will make or break your heart.

How old are you? You sound immature! Have you even ever seen her? That woman is having an affair with you. She is married and gets permission monthly on false pretence of visiting parents to see you. Why pick calls only during the day and not at 8pm? Leave that girl and get a life!

Keep trying, you will soon realise what is behind the story. What’s meant to be yours will always find its way to you, without even conditions.

Wake up no body can sleep at 8pm everyday, meaning she is married to someone.

My brother, love is all about sacrifice and commitment. Believe that you have something you have to do to make it stronger, show some seriousness if you are ready.

You will understand her when her official husband gets hold of your balls! Leave her as soon as you can.

Long distance causes more love. If it fails to do so, then she doesn’t love you.

She visits you every month to get a share of your salary. She doesn’t let you call at night because she is married or is co-habiting. Boss, listen to the song Loyal.

Try calling her on a different number late in the night and see if she will answer.

Don’t even risk visiting her because you may end up with kiboko from the husband.

She doesn’t want to disturb her sister at night. They need to rest, and she has to respect her sister.

Please, that girl is a married woman, but how can you confirm someone as your girlfriend and you don’t know where she stays? You guy you are not serious.

For a relationship to move well, there must be good communication. So maybe she has someone behind you. Try to study her moves.

Six months and you don’t know where your girlfriend stays? Are you mad? What about if she is a cannibal and at night is when she goes to hunt for people? Please don’t easily get engaged in today’s ladies, most of them are money minded and the more you don’t think twice the more times you will regret punishing your heart. So please wait, your true love is just there waiting for you.

How I wish men come to reality with today’s girls. They are all about money. Simanyi love, sex are all now for commercial purpose. It is only that there is no way URA can impose taxes.

She is not being truthful to you. Stop wasting your time, please.

Anyone who loves you will miss you most at night, when all the day’s chores are over. They will hunger for at least your voice! My friend, please find your wings before it is late.

You have never visited her? Are you serious? What kind of work hinders you like that? May be the person she stay with is a man not her sister, or the person – her sister, doesn’t like you, that’s why she is rejecting your calls at night. Many factors count, just tell her direct that your relationship is going nowhere with such lame excuses.

Don’t conclude before knowing the truth. If you are living in a home where you are not the head, you know what it means by restrictions.

The time you entered a relationship, you were adults. Warn her before that if she continues rejecting your calls at such a stated period, you may take things for granted and your relationship will be terminated without any other warning. See if she can respond and failure to do so, may mean she was not intended for you.

Man, leave someone’s wife, because when a woman is really into you, she will never condition you unless otherwise.

She is right not to pick your phone calls, so you also ignore picking hers.

Counsellor’s take Hope Nankunda Mwijuka, Healing Talk Counseling Services

Dear Anonymous, the situation you are going through is quite unfortunate, but I want you to know that there are a number of people who simply dislike receiving calls at night. However, in your case there is a reason to worry. If the two of you work in different areas and you rarely meet, I do not see any good reason as to why your girlfriend cannot answer your calls at 8pm. If she really loved you as much as you love her, she would actually be looking forward to receiving your calls since your relationship is six months old. Therefore, I imagine that there could be something she is communicating but you are taking long to get it. My aice is that you make an appointment and discuss with her face-to-face. Whichever reasons she will give you for her behaviour should help you describe the direction of your relationship. It would help to forge a way forward. Be open, tell her about your doubts. Otherwise I wish you all the best and remember to pray to God about it.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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