My Article On Kyeyo Wasn’t Well Understood [opinion]

Human frailty was characteristically exposed by some online comments regarding my recent article on the possible deportation of Ugandans in UK.

All the foul-mouth rants were cynically dishonest and ridiculously meaningless. How can the [alleged] corruption of Banyankore be responsible for Baganda’s failure to rule the country due to their betraying and undermining of each other?

Apart from immigration affecting Ugandans, of which I warned Ugandans, Buganda featured prominently because as a victim of betrayal and treachery by my own people I had to expose these problems which divide us and are responsible for Buganda’s present situation.

If other tribes do it, I was not qualified to write about something I have not experienced. Primitive personal insults are contradictory to intellectual debates. Readers are interested in issues rather than personal attacks and vendettas.

While hypocrites indulged in abuse, a non-Muganda Ocan was brilliantly positive when he wrote: “The UK is tightening its borders because its citizens are bitterly complaining of mass immigration. It’s now an election issue. Even students are restricted, which tells you why UK is so serious about the issue.”

That was the very purpose of my article to highlight the severe immigration dilemma facing Ugandans. It is crass deceit and hypocrisy to pretend otherwise. There was no need to direct the tsunami of lopsided opprobrium against me by cowardly using pseudonyms to hide identity.

An endemic trait among Baganda and Ugandans is their propensity to bear grudges against those who expose the truth they don’t wish to hear as I did about immigration. Pius Muteekani Katunzi’s educated analysis free of insults was luminous although the tricks used to acquire entry visa he inaertently revealed might backfire in pending cases and those who plan to emigrate.

Mr Katunzi, the immigration “crisis” is not about history or the reasons why foreigners came to UK for a better life. Things have irreversibly changed. When a friend hosts you and wants you out of his house, he is not interested in how, when and why he accepted you. He is allowing in his “lost” close relatives in the house, which is too overcrowded to accommodate you.

On backstabbing, why is it that all the known cases of backstabbing I cited involve only Baganda? You did not expose any tribe as I did but simply went on generalising by citing political revolutions outside Uganda. It is Baganda who revel in others’ predicaments and marvel in the malicious saying that “no one wishes his ‘friend’s’ cow to produce a heifer”.

Daily Monitor of July 13, 2007 published a list of the most wanted criminals by police who disappeared with loads of millions they embezzled, making them fabulously wealthy beyond the dreams of avarice. Some might be among the “illegals” feigning persecution by President Museveni. They could even be NRM diehards who were favoured to get the jobs “from which they ate”.

Is if fair for criminals to escape justice and enjoy their loot in UK while millions of poor Ugandan peasants are wallowing in stinking poverty?

I pointed out that the Home Office is not blameless. In October 2010, it gave permanent residency to more than 135,000 failed asylum seekers in a desperate bid to clear a backlog of cases. Accordingly, with some atom of humanity the same amnesty should be extended to the 30,000 Ugandans since they never sneaked in the country on the back of lorries. They were admitted through legal channels for whatever reasons.

To answer one deeply-misguided personal attack, I reluctantly reveal that as I am not self-interested I have helped free of charge some “few” Ugandans, especially Baganda, to settle in the UK.

For confidentiality I won’t add any more. Those who know me well can’t write such garbage about me. It is pathetic to write populist articles to create a short-term illusion just to appease failed asylum seekers and those planning to come to UK.

You may evade reality but you can’t evade the consequences of evading reality. Think before you insult and ask why Mengo had to appeal to Baganda not to sell their land, which they never stopped. Is that how you love Buganda by selling it? Was it not a former katikkiro who accused Baganda of hypocrisy? Buganda must erect a monument in recognition of Daudi Ochieng, the brainy agricultural economist son of Acholi who loved Buganda and never betrayed Sir Edward.

The writer is a Ugandan who lives in London, UK.

Source : The Observer

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