Mwesigwa’s Charming Muse

One of the most anticipated art exhibitions on the local art calendar, opened recently at AKA gallery. The artist Ian Mwesiga has been on everyone’s lips since his exhibit of amazing self-portraits at 32 degrees East, Kansanga late last year-an extract of a larger piece of work from his residence at the same venue. Those portraits highlighted Mwesiga as one artist to look out for this year and beyond.

Mwesiga now exhibits a diversity of his paintings which include his self-portraitures, semi-abstracts and Abstracts. Both his semi-abstracts and abstracts can be described as “experimental” with no definite composition, but curves and planes overlapping each other.

“I work randomly and often have no control over my thoughts,” he says. A closer look at these abstracts reveals a resemblance to his self-portraitures especially in terms of color scheme.

Though his paintings are experimental and may be dismissed by some critics as not really worthy to be displayed as art galleries often will prefer a finished piece of work complete with a good composition and subject matter, or theme a few of his paintings stand out.

‘Who’s the Master is’ is a composition of a little girl with a mop of hair and big feet. Her legs have a pair of rings that look like bracelets that adorn them. Its style of execution is awesome: a combination of naivety and sophistication makes it alluring.

“It was inspired by the drawing of my little niece. You can never imagine the creativity (simplistic and rawness) these young children have,” says the artist.

Next to this masterpiece is Theddy a painting whose composition is a Teddy Bear – another object little children have an affinity for. With little effort you will observe the “doodling” in the composition of these two paintings which are displayed next to each other.

While admiring the two, you cannot help noticing Mwesiga’s technique of randomness and not thinking twice while applying color on canvas.

Mwesigwa insists that often working with a particular style makes him predictable to his audience, and yet he does not want to come off as such.

For now, this young artist has stamped his name among the promising artists in the industry.

AKA Gallery is located within Tulifanya House, behind Crested Towers, Hannington Road. The exhibition started Mar.4 and will run until April 13 at AKA Gallery.

Source : The Independent


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