Musisi fires back at councillor Kanduho

The Executive Director of Kampala Capital City Authority, Ms Jennifer Musisi, has said councillor Frank Kanduho’s utterances in his committee’s report are “unbecoming” and make him “unfit” to be an aocate.
Ms Musisi said this in a briefing to the Minister for Kampala, Mr Frank Tumwebaze, on September 18.

Ms Musisi’s statements were a response to allegations against her contained in a report by KCCA’s Legal Affairs Working Group (LAWG)haired by Mr Kanduho. The report accused Ms Musisi of concealment of proceedings of the KCCA Contracts Committee and inflating prices of contracts. Mr Kanduho represents the Uganda Law Society on the KCCA council.
In response, Ms Musisi described the accusations by Mr Kanduho’s committee as “unprofessional and often amounting to misconduct”.

“It comes as a surprise therefore when in its report the LAWG alleges that KCCA engages in arbitrary hiring and firing of staff. This can only be interpreted as ignorance of the provisions of the KCCA Act,” reads Musisi’s letter to Mr Tumwebaze.

“It’s our considered opinion that these allegations are aimed at tarnishing the reputations of various officers, especially those of the Director of Legal Affairs that have not been amenable to the manipulations and corrupt practices of the chairperson of the working group Mr Frank Kanduho,” Ms Mujsisi’s letter further reads.

She said an investigation was underway to verify information that Mr Kanduho had demanded bribes from KCCA suppliers so that his committee should not inquire into the legitimacy of their contracts and also help them get their outstanding payments.
“On several occasions, Mr Kanduho has put me, as an accounting officer, under pressure to allow him introduce prospective suppliers and contractors, which I have always declined and informed him it is unethical,” Ms Musisi says in her briefing to Mr Tumwebaze.

Ms Musisi further alleges that Mr Kanduho had approached her to “facilitate” him for his mobilisation efforts which included paying television and radio moderators and other journalists for media coverage and also fuel for his car.
However, Mr Kanduho yesterday denied the allegations raised by Ms Musisi.

“Ms Musisi is simply trading intimidations against anyone who points out at her mischiefs at City Hall. I know the ultimate goal is to suffocate me like she has done to other people and she never expected that from me. The issues raised in the report are of governance and accountability. Why doesn’t she address them and stop attacking individuals seeking transparency from her as an accounting officer of a public office?’ Mr Kanduho said.

“Why is Musisi bringing forth such allegations at this time when the report was documented in July? Since when did seeking signatures of loan application from an employer become a crime? …she should address the issues raised in the report other than intimidating and suffocating those that seek for accountability,” he said.

Usafi market issue
Ms Jennifer Musisi defended the imminent sale of the Usafi Market and said the deal has not been sealed yet by the Contracts Committee. She also defended the outdoor aertising and eviction of businesses within the road reserves.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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