Museveni will go when time comes – Otafiire

Mbarara- Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister Kahinda Otafiire has said the NRM will choose President Museveni’s successor when he gets old.

Gen Otafiire is one of the seven members of the Army High Command that Mr Museveni said persuaded him to seek re-election when he picked nomination forms for NRM party presidential flag bearer on Friday.

“Yes, President Museveni will go when time comes or when he gets old but we as NRM will sit and choose his successor, not anyone to stand and say I want to succeed Museveni,” Gen Otafiire said.
“Mbabazi [former premier Amama], you can’t say you want to take on the chair of your father when he is still standing,” he added.

Gen Otafiire made the remarks in Mbarara municipality at the weekend at a function organised by NRM leaders in western region to celebrate the President’s acceptance to become the party presidential candidate in 2016.

Gen Otafiire said he and his colleagues shed blood for the current peace in the country but warned it could all end if Ugandans misuse it and vote wrong leaders.

“No one should lie to you that Museveni has overstayed in power. If he has done so, what harm has he caused to us? I went with Dr Kizza Besigye into the bush and I know how he works. So what is he going to do or add that President Museveni has not done?”

The minister thanked Mr Mbabazi for deciding to stand for president outside NRM, saying he had become a stumbling block to party unity.


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