Museveni Pilot’s Family Fights Over Property

Police have opened an investigation into the alleged sale of a house on Prince Charles Drive Kololo belonging to the late Col Peter Nyakairu.

Col Nyakairu, President Museveni’s former pilot, died in the helicopter crash that also killed South Sudan’s founding President Dr John Garang in 2005. According to official correspondences, the colonel is survived by 25 children and at least two widows who are now locked in a fight over the family property.

Some family members lodged a complaint with the police on June 25, accusing one of the widows, Regina Sewava Nyakairu, and one of the administrators of the estate, of selling off the house without authority. The land on which the house is situated was leased to Nyakairu by the Kampala District Land Board (KDLB).

The family has since asked police to investigate the alleged fraudulent sale of the house to businessman Ephraim Ntaganda. Acting on the complaint, on June 19 the police summoned Regina Sewava Nyakairu to appear before their Land Protection Unit for interrogation over the allegations.

“… This office is investigating a case of fraud on the sale or mortgage of property… , You are, therefore, required to report to CIID Kampala Land Protection Unit, Kampala Metropolitan Area at CPS, room 15B… to provide valuable and relevant information relating to the matter under investigations… ,” the police summons read in part.

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesman Patrick Onyango on June 27 confirmed that the late Nyakairu’s family had reported such a case.

“It is a premature case, which has just been reported two days back and we have summoned all the administrators of the estate to record statements which will help us to get more details,” he said, adding, “The complainants claim that their stepmother, who was residing in that place shifted to another place after selling the house which was meant to benefit all the administrators [children].”

However, Ephraim Ntaganda told The Observer on June 27 that he was asked to buy the house sometime back but he never bought it.

“I can’t recall exactly how much it was sold,” he said.

Police said that although the complainants claim the house was sold, they are yet to receive the sale agreement to confirm.

How it started:

After Nyakairu’s death in 2005, six administrators of his estate were appointed. Five of the six are his children. However, given that Regina Sewava, one of the widows, had young children incapable of being administrators, she was appointed an administrator to take care of the interests of the infants.

By the time Nyakairu died, the lease on the said land was due to expire, but he had applied for an extension which was granted in 2007, two years after his death, for another six years. When the lease expired again in 2012, the administrators wrote to the Kampala District Land Board for renewal, but to date their application has not been accepted.

Some family members claim that Regina Sewava (widow) separately applied to the district land board to have the lease renewed but in her names. On June 17, two of Nyakairu’s children wrote to the secretary of Kampala District Board alleging impropriety.

“We have been reliably informed that one of the administrators by the names of Regina Sewava was granted a land title and has consequently divided and sold off the plot. Currently, the plot is sealed off and divided by the buyer,” they wrote.

“This is to inform you that we have requested security organizations of the state to intervene in this matter. Lastly, we request that you proceed with the renewal of the lease and issue it in the names of the administrators as applied.”

But in a letter dated June 20, signed by Abdunasser Olekwa, secretary of the Kampala District Land Board, the family’s claim was denied. This letter was copied to the minister for the Presidency, the Inspector General of Police, KCCA executive director, and commissioner for land administration.

“This is to inform you that apart from your application for renewal of the above lease dated October 18, 2013, which is still pending in our office, the land board has not received or acted on any application by any person pertaining to any grant, renewal, subdivision or consent to transfer the said land. No extension, renewal, subdivision or grant of a lease can be effected without the approval of the board,” the letter reads in part.

The secretary of the land board earlier wrote to the administrators, stating: “This, is therefore, to inform you that Kampala District Land Board under Minute No KDLB.32.12014, of its meeting held on 5th -6th March 2014, deferred your application for extension of the above lease, pending resolution of the issues between the administrators of the estate and the said widow [Regina Sewava Nyakairu]. We aise that a settlement should be reached before we grant your application.”

Source : The Observer

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