Museveni is Buganda kingdom’s reliable ally

Uganda and indeed Ugandans never stop to amuse and annoy at the same. After the central government and Buganda Kingdom made peace two years ago and forged a new working relationship, a group of Baganda opportunists went sad and blue.

These were the kind who had thrived and made political capital at the belligerence that existed between Mengo and the central government.

These people are now all guns blazing and out to discredit the gains made by the Katikkiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga.

The detracting group including legislators Ibrahim Semujju Nganda and Betty Nambooze has been scorning Mayiga saying he sold Buganda Kingdom to President Museveni.

Semujju and company are not at peace with team Mayiga because they were the chief beneficiaries of the earlier hostility that existed between Mengo and the central government. Indeed, Semujju couldn’t go back to his ancestral home of Kyazanga in Lwengo district to stand as area MP. This is because he knew his anti-Museveni and Buganda radicalism would not endear him to the rural voters.

Lwengo is highly cosmopolitan and, therefore, tricky. He tactfully chose Kampala metropolitan where the disgruntled unemployed youth can be mobilised using rhetorics like “how Museveni was undermining the Kabaka” to be voted area Member of Parliament.

Semujju in one of his missives accused Mayiga of having failed to deliver what he promised Baganda upon being appointed Katikkiro.

Semuju sighted securing the federal status for Buganda, pursuing the central government to secure all the Buganda land titles and championing programmes that would bring development to Buganda.
A quick peek into Mayiga’s performance in just two year tenure reveals a different picture. Mayiga has made tremendous developmental programmes for the kingdom but most importantly, he has continued to cultivate a good working relationship with the central government.

The tensions that have existed between Mengo and the central government are not a Museveni or Mayiga creation.

They began during the colonial era and the colonialists failed to resolve them even when they tried to cow Buganda by deporting Kabaka Mutesa 1 to the United Kingdom in 1953.

The subsequent stories president Milton Obote and the 1966 Buganda crisis are everybody’s knowledge. In fact, Mayiga seems to be succeeding where most of his predecessors failed.

The katikkiros before him who pursued hard-line stances with the central government achieved nothing but animosity from the either side. Is that what Buganda needed most? Buganda needs development of her people. Even if Buganda was to attain the anticipated federal status it would still need the good working relations with the central government.

For the last two years, 212 land titles have been returned to Mengo from the central government. According to information from the Attorney General’s chambers 83 more land titles have been processed and are being prepared to be handed over to Katikkiro Mayiga.

The Etoffali project has been a huge success despite criticism from some disgruntled quarters. This success has been realised because the Buganda subjects believe in what the katikkiro is doing for the kingdom.

Finally, the likes of Semujju should know by now that belligerence has never resolved any conflict. The Israelalestinian conflict should serve as a good example of how war as means of ending conflict has failed across the world.

The US and her allies in NATO are stuck and reaping the most disastrous effects after pursuing war as a means of resolving conflicts. The ISIL and other rogue emerging groups as a result of America and NATO pursuing wars as a means of ending conflict other than pursuing peaceful means.

Therefore, in Mayiga Buganda has got a true patriot who will deliver them to the Promised Land. And in President Museveni, Buganda has a true friend and ally in building a strong cultural and economically viable Kingdom.

Mr Katureebe works with Uganda Media Centre- Office of the President.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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