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An aircraft carrying US troops made an emergency landing yesterday morning at Kiwawu village on Mityana Road after it ran out of fuel in flight.

According to the Mityana police spokesperson, Mr Philip Mukasa, the CA212 plane belongs to the US army and was carrying eight American soldiers. Nobody was injured. “It is not a crash as people have been saying. The plane ran out of fuel and the pilot was forced to land at Kiwawu …we are currently planning to remove it from the road,” Mr Mukasa said, adding that the plane was flying to South Sudan for military operations but bad weather forced the pilot to return to Uganda. It could, however, not reach Entebbe airport due to insufficient fuel.

In August 2009, a six-seater plane, belonging to the Kampala Aero Club Flight Training Centre, made an emergency landing in the middle of the road at Kyabaddaza on Masaka highway, about 40km west of Kampala. Vehicles were forced to duck into the nearby bushes as the plane staggered in the middle of the tarmac its wings spread across the road, towards a school compound. Nobody was injured.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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