Museveni Aises Mengo On Land Titles

As confusion reigns over the authenticity of Buganda’s titles to her ancestral properties returned by government in April 2014, President Museveni has aised Mengo to seek answers from the ministry of Lands.

Speaking to journalists at his country home in Rwakitura last week, Museveni said he was not the keeper of land titles and should not be bothered with such problems.

“I got the titles from the ministry of Lands, they brought papers to me and I handed them to them (Buganda). If they don’t exist, that is not my problem,” Museveni said.

The Observer reported last week that government had recalled 13 of the 213 land titles of Buganda’s ancestral properties less than two months after President Museveni handed them over in the full glare of cameras. The report indicated that Attorney General Peter Nyombi had indicated that the kingdom had no control over properties in Kooki, Buruuli and Bugerere, areas taken as part of Buganda kingdom.

In the same report, the Kamuswaga’s spokesman, Stanley Ndawula, suggested that the Kooki titles were handed over to the Kamuswaga in 2007, almost seven years before they were given to Buganda on April 15, 2014. But Museveni refused to be drawn into the controversy.

“Let them go to the ministry of Lands and ask there. Am I the one who keeps land titles? Why are you giving me many responsibilities? You want me to keep land titles too? I pity you,” Museveni said before laughing.

Museveni was also asked to respond to the Omukama of Tooro Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru’s decision to fast in protest at what he sees as President Museveni’s deliberate ploy to split the greater Tooro kingdom into smaller units like the Bamba kingdom. The president said he would not entertain cultural leaders dividing Ugandans along tribal lines.

He said the Constitution gives every Ugandan the right to enjoy their cultural rights. Tooro is comprised of six tribes which include Batooro, Bakonjo, Banyabindo, Basongora, Batuku, Batwa and Bamba.

“The issue now is when we brought back kings they are not doing what I expected of them. We managed to capture power and develop Uganda because we united all Ugandans under one Uganda. Reinstating kingdoms was because of our love for unity.

Therefore kings should be uniting Ugandans and not dividing them because if they don’t unite Ugandans, they are not doing anything useful,” Museveni said.

“Therefore, if that boy of Tooro [Oyo] has decided to go on hunger strike, it will help keep him fit. But I expect to see him uniting people. We will not allow anyone to divide Ugandans. If you say, we Baganda we Baganda, the Baruuli will also say ‘we Baruuli’, the Banyala that ‘we Banyala’,” Museveni said.

On UPDF’s role in South Sudan, Museveni said Uganda played its part in restoring peace in South Sudan. He said it is now up to the leadership there to ensure everlasting stability.

“If they do that then that is our reward, they [President Salva Kiir and Riek Machar] have agreed to form a joint interim government and that is a good beginning. When they go for elections we will work with the one who wins… ,” the president said.

Source : The Observer

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