Muntu’s approach to politics is different from mine-Besigye


General Mugisha Muntu’s leadership style is different from mine, former Forum Democratic Change (FDC) leader Dr Kiiza Besigye has said.

Dr Besigye made the remarks while appearing on the KFM Hot Seat show on Monday.

“General Muntu’s approach to political mobilization is certainly different from mine without doubt and we have had time to debate this. His approach is that we should focus on the people who are fence sitters – those who don’t like NRM but fear to come to FDC,” Dr Besigye said.

He said that while he respects the approach, it ignores a critical element

“I respect his approach and I think it has merit in it but I think it over looks one critical thing because whereas you are seeking to attract those on the fence, you stand to lose your core the vibrant, bold, those who like to come out to express themselves that will be undermined by the lack of activities that they rally around to remain mobilized.”

He said that if there is no activity, FDC’s core base will be undermined and weakened and when this happens those that the ‘Muntu style’ wants to attract will not want to join a group that is demobilized.

“My own view is that we must remain projected, strong but unfortunately we are dealing with a brutal regime, am not sure you can generate strength clandestinely and I would feel happier if Gen Muntu did both that is  if he invigorated the base while at the same time engaging the fence sitters.”

However he said the environment that parties are operating in cannot emphasise their strength because anyone who joins the opposition is seen as an enemy.

Besigye also said that regardless of who would be leading FDC including himself would be impeded by lack of funds and the people who fear to join the opposition because of persecution

 He said that Ugandans had lost hope and confidence. “They have become cynical, they think that when Museveni goes things will remain more of the same and that is what we must attack. It is the reason I come to these programs to say that things are possible.”

The three-time presidential candidate said the FDC should wait for 2016 when things have not gone well but must plan to make things happen now. “Anybody who waits for 2016 is waiting for more of the same.”

He added that there was a need to organize all Ugandans that need change to be coordinated to develop a mass of people to push for change.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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