Mulago hospital in water bill crisis


National Water and Sewerage Corporation has disconnected water supply to some parts of Mulago hospital over unpaid bills amounting to more than Shs6b.

The bill in question has accumulated over years which the hospital managers say cannot be accounted for since there are no supporting documents.

However, some the water agency restored parts of the hospital thirteen hours following a meeting between NWSC, Mulago Hospital management and the Ministry of Health officials.

According to the hospital spokesperson Mr Enock Kusasira, the water body sent a bill of Shs5.5 million on March 5 with an impending disconnection order. However, two weeks later, he says the water body sent another bill of Shs6.5, which meant that the bill had grown by about Shs1 billion.“We pay Shs300 million for water every month. But here we are faced with a situation of another Shs1 billion bill within less than two weeks. We have tasked NWSC to explain this anomaly but they have failed,” he said.

Bill payment Currently, the hospital pays bills for independent institutions including Baylor College of Medicine, Makere University College of Health Sciences, Medical School, Paramedical Schoo and Infectious Disease Institute among other facilities.

Last month, the Secretary to the Treasury Keith Muhakanizi directed all government departments indebted to NWSC to clear their bills within two months.

InstructedIn a January 29 letter, Mr Muhakanizi directed all accounting officers to prepare adequate budget provisions for water bills in the next financial year.


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