Mukwano to start exporting products to Europe and Asia


The Mukwano Group of Companies has launched a new range of products targeting the European, Asian and Middle East markets, making use of its International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO)ertification.

While launching the Mama range of products last week, Ms Nicola Brown, the Group marketing manager, said the company is releasing three products under the Mama brand as special products with special formula because of high performance effects.

“The detergent powder has a special formula which cleans and conditions the fabric. The multipurpose bar soap can clean dishes as well as general laundry with a strong lemon fragrance while the third product is a multipurpose Scouring powder for bathrooms and kitchens which is effective in removing tough stains,” she said.

She urged Ugandans to appreciate the products because they are the same quality which will be found in New York, London and the Middle East because the manufacturing processes at their industries are ISO certified and they have been consistently responding to customer needs.

According to Mr Douglas Mazune, the public relation liaison officer, this is the climax of the company’s brand development innovations because all the products have unique selling points.

“We are happy that our products are made for usage following research which responds to customer needs. Mukwano is always improving on its products to meet consumer needs and ensure that they are affordable at all levels,” he said.

Mr Mazune said Ugandans should stop shunning locally produced goods because the products they are opting for coming from China are far inferior compared to those produced locally. He said this year alone, the group improved on seven products which include Meditex Soap, Chappa Nyotta, Nomi White, Aqua Sipi and Mukwano Baby Jelly.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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