MPs Row Over Sudan Trip

A recent trip to South Sudan by MPs has put Butambala MP Muhammad Muwanga Kivumbi (DP) and Benny Namugwanya (NRM), the chairperson of the parliamentary committee on Defence and Internal Affairs on a collision course.

The two quarreled on Wednesday during a defence and Internal Affairs committee meeting. Namugwanya (Mubende Woman), together with MPs Milton Muwuma (Kigulu South) and Peter Eriaku (Kapelebyong) travelled to South Sudan last week to carry out what they called ‘a situational assessment of the security situation there.’

But Kivumbi is angry that other members of the committee were not informed as the normal practice demands. Secondly, Kivumbi said the parliamentary rules of procedure do not allow a chairperson to travel with hisher deputy on the same trip as Namugwanya and Eriaku, her deputy, did.

In response Namugwanya, said during the meeting, that they had a successful trip and would table their report soon. Irritated, Kivumbi retorted: “Any reference to a trip to South Sudan would imply that it was agreed upon by all members of the committee, yet personally, I am not aware that the committee even went to South Sudan.”

Kivumbi said it had become routine for some individuals to abuse the rules of procedure which in this case required adequate notification of all committee members. Namugwanya explained that they travelled to South Sudan with the permission of the speaker, Rebecca Kadaga, and encouraged Kivumbi to consult her anytime.

Kivumbi said he was going to petition Kadaga to institute a committee to investigate the behaviour of the committee’s leadership. On realizing that the exchange was turning ugly, Mike Mukula, the Soroti municipality MP ,intervened.

He said: “I think let us rest this case at this point , then get the competent tribunal to look into it, other than washing [ dirty linen] in public.”

Kivumbi’s outburst comes barely three months after he accused the same committee leadership of colluding with the executive in schemes ranging from foreign trips to secret meetings with President Museveni to concealing information from opposition members, among others.

Source : The Observer

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