MPs desperate for allowances, show up invited for workshop

Some MPs’ search for easy cash has now descended into something of a national embarrassment.
It has emerged that the leadership of Uganda Parliamentary Forum for Children was recently turned into the latest hunting ground with uninvited MPs trooping to Entebbe, targeting transport refunds and allowances estimated at Shs500,000.
Organisers had invited only 29 MPs but must have been astonished when a number of honourable fellows gate-crashed the event. Others are reported to have telephoned the chairperson of the forum, Ms Florence Mutyabule (NRM, Namutumba), and bitterly quarreled over having not been invited.

The MPs were supposed to report to Entebbe Lake Victoria Serena Hotel on Thursday and stay there until Saturday and pocket Shs500,000 for their troubles.
An MP who sits on an accountability committee was overheard saying he was going to go to Entebbe, sign for allowances and then return the following today to rejoin colleagues who were scheduled to travel Eastern Uganda.
Word is that some desperate MPs who earn zero pay because of debts have resorted to moving from one hotel to the other hunting for transport refunds at this or that workshop.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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