MP Ssemujju Gives Back to God

There are different ways people offer thanks for the different achievements they get over a given period of time.

And it indeed came in a different way for Kyadondo East MP Ssemujju Ibrahim Nganda who gave away part of his land at Bukasa in Kira Town Council for the construction of a mosque.

The 200 people seater mosque stands on 100×100 feet plot of land worth Shs 70m, while its construction cost Shs 86m according to Eng Hassan Mulondo, the in-charge of mosque construction at Africa Muslims agency, a Quwait based Islamic NGO.

“When we were donating this place for the construction of the mosque, our intention was to give back to the community,” Ssemujju said during the official opening of the mosque on December 19.

“My family also wanted to encourage others to learn from this experience because in [Uganda], the biggest problem is the pursuit of personal privileges people will stake what is for everybody as long as it will increase personal privileges,” Ssemujju said.

To Ssemujju, the piece that he gave away for the construction of the mosque was surplus land for him after building his family house.

“In Buganda, people who were considered rich were those who had enough to eat and give the surplus to the community. These days, people accumulate what they would not even use,” he added.

Model mosque

Ssemujju said he hoped to make the mosque a model for the professional way of managing Muslim affairs. A mosque managed in a corporate way, with a clear management structure and proper management of the books of account are some of the ideals that he has always aocated in different Muslim forums.

The mosque was commissioned by Prince Kassim Nakibinge Kakungulu, the titular head of Muslims in Uganda who hailed the MP for the gesture. To Prince Nakibinge, this is the best way Ssemujju could appreciate Allah for the favours he has enjoyed over the past years in which he cut a niche as a celebrated journalist before he got elected to Parliament where he was recently appointed to head the Parliamentary committee on commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (COSASE).

“It is encouraging that despite the problem of leaders of the Muslim community selling off land that should have been used for the furtherance of the development of Islam, there are some Muslims willing to give away land for the construction of mosques,” Nakibinge said.

He urged Muslims to reintroduce Islamic instruction sessions in their local mosques to galvanise the growth of the faith. Leading the first Jumah (Friday) prayers in the mosque, Sheikh Yusuf Mutimba, the Imam of Mulago hospital mosque warned Ssemujju against listing the mosque among the properties that he will bequeath to his children.

“This is a challenge we have faced in various parts of the country where at the death of the family head, his children want to be the in-charges of the mosques built by their fathers,” Sheikh Mutimba said.

He also urged Muslims to denounce characters that want to turn mosques into battlegrounds.

Source : The Observer


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