MP Lukyamazi accuses Speaker Kadaga of ill-treatment

Conservative Party (CP) leader and Rubaga South MP John Ken Lukyamuzi has accused the speaker of Parliament, Ms Rebecca Kadaga of perennial ill-treatment.
During a committee on rules, privileges and discipline meeting, Mr Lukyamuzi accused Ms Kadaga of holding a personal vendetta against him. A bitter Lukyamuzi told the committee chaired by West Budama South MP Oboth Oboth, Lukyamuzi that on several occasions, the speaker has ignored him even when he rises on a procedural point on the floor of parliament.
Rule 69 (7) of the rules of procedure of the ninth parliament provides that the speaker will give leave to interrupt debate the following precedence on points of privilege, points of procedure, points of order, points of information, elucidation or clarification.

The same rules 69 (3) provides that where a point of procedure or order has been raised, except by leave of speaker, no other member shall rise until the speaker has decided upon the matter.
However, MP Lukyamuzi claims that even when the rules warrant that the speaker listens to whoever raises on procedural or order matters, Ms Kadaga continues to give him a ‘cold shoulder’. He commits never to attend plenary sessions until Kadaga offers him an explanation as to why he is being witch hunted.
“In the British House of commons, Teddy Heath’s performance was tailored on rules of procedure. It must be demonstrated that qualitative performance of MPs isn’t a general trend, it is circumstantial there should be a mechanism which the speaker should use for us to articulate the issues,” Lukyamuzi said.

Committee chairperson Oboth Oboth acknowledged that ignoring procedural matters on the floor, has since ended up embarrassing parliament after Court adjudicated that in the passing the Anti-Gay law , procedure practice was abused.
He volunteered to lead a four member team which will visit the Speaker to table Lukyamuzi’s misgivings and seek mediation. The team also includes Sam Lyomoki (Workers), Christopher Acile (Gulu) and Maj Gen Jim Muhwezi (Rujumbura).
Mr Oboth-Oboth warned Lukyamuzi against blackmailing the speaker that he wouldn’t attend any sessions until his issue is addressed. Similarly, MP Acile warned Lukyamuzi against withdrawing from Plenary sitting because he would end up being referred to the same committee over failing missing 15 times.
When contacted, the deputy director of communications at parliament Ranny Ismail said it was unfair for Lukyamuzi come up with such a statement. Whenever there is a problem, Ranny said, the speaker’s door is open to all MPs for discussion.

The committee had convened to come up with terms of reference in a matter of Kaddu Mukasa (Mityana South) and Issa Kikungwe (Kyadondo South) who were referred to the rules committee by the speaker after they failed to attend parliamentary sittings for 15 times without explanation.
The committee is also reviewing the rules and identifying areas of amendments.
Some of the amendments include taking the speaker to provide more time for the MPs so as to hold a reasonable debate.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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