Movie Review – Non-Stop to Thrill You This Easter

Liam Neeson revived his acting career with a massive performance in the Taken movies.

This time, he returns portraying the role he knows best – a solid man with faults he has to overcome in order to save those around him in Nonstop. The movie is about Bill Marks, a former cop who after dealing with his daughter’s death by drinking is now an air marshal.

While on a flight from London to New York, Marks gets a text message telling him that unless $150m is deposited to an offshore account within 20 minutes, someone will die.

He tries to tell the other air marshal, but he doesn’t believe him. The film is clever enough to make it impossible to guess – or, alternatively, you pretty much suspect it could be anyone on the plane.

The film is hilariously convoluted with plenty of plot holes. And the best part is that when the villain is revealed, they say “You’d never believe how easy it all was” and in fact you would believe it. The movie premieres this evening at Cineplex The Hub.

Source : The Observer

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