Motoring – My Vehicle Is Experiencing Leaks

While driving a vehicle, one would like to enjoy the experience, and sometimes there is a tendency for one to listen to all the workings run smoothly.

And if all is well, that is when one would say “I really have a good car.”

But there are times when what is supposed to be good car turns out to be really bad. This would definitely be so if the vehicle started leaking water from under its seats and the floor and other places that should otherwise remain dry. Here, one would realise that the vehicle could be having a grave problem which needs immediate attention.

This would be in order to mitigate further damage to the vehicle’s wiring that could lead to electrical short circuits, in turn leading to fires. These are some of the reasonscauses for the vehicle carpet getting wet. Some are major, although a few could be pretty minor:

A damagedbroken rubber seal of the front windscreen which is supposed to seal it with the vehicle body against any form of water that could fall or drop on it. This could easily let the water in, wetting the interior of the vehicle.

Leaking sunroof. Some vehicles have open roofs that have trapdoors that slide front-to-back or in and out. With time, the rubber seals on the sides of the sunroof meant to protect and also grip the trapdoor firmly tend to get damaged. That way, water leaks in, either during rain or a major carwash.

Broken sunroof rails. In most cases these rails are metallic in nature, and with time, they tend to get rusty and small holes develop in them. These later allow water into the vehicle’s interior.

Brokendamaged sealant door rubbers. This is one of the most common causes of water easily entering the vehicle.

Blockeddead drain holes. When the water drain holes on the vehicle body are blockeddead, the water will automatically find other drain routes, and sometimes these lead into the interior of the vehicle.

At times, the air conditioning tube, if pointing upwards or towards the seats, tends to drain water into the interior of the vehicle. To some extent, when the hose pipe from the radiator also breaks, it will direct the water to the rugs in the vehicle.

The minor one could be if one forgot to close the vehicle windows tight. Also, a broken glass or window could cause a water leakage into the interior of the vehicle if not fully worked on in time.

The best one can do is to avoid any kind of water leakages into the interior of the vehicle for it could lead to a short circuit that could easily cost you the whole vehicle. Therefore, always consult a knowledgeable mechanic to rectify this kind of problem in good time.

Source : The Observer

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