Moses Ali lashes at MPs and journalists over late coming

Known for his free-speaking and sometimes off key remarks, the Second Deputy Prime Minister Moses Ali was at it again last week. This time he aimed his guns at MPs and journalists who come late for public functions.
Officiating at the launch of the 20142018 strategic plan for Uganda Parliamentary Forum and the Media and Good Governance report, Mr Ali said MPs backward and typical Africans for failing to keep time.
“Failure to keep time is a sign of backwardness and this indicates that journalists and MPs come from the same society that’s why you come late,” he announced.

He then wondered why journalists keep portraying him in bad light by taking his pictures when he is taking a nap.
“You write about me that I am sleeping supposing I was your uncle or parent, would you still write about me? Will you ever get to my age?” he wondered.
Not unexpectedly, some MPs were seen rushing in almost at the closure of the meeting — to sign for their allowances. The organisers were not amused but they never wanted to embarrass them so they still allowed them sign the attendance register.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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