More than 1,200 graduate from UCU today

President Museveni has asked the youth Movement in Africa to support projects that will help leaders fix the strategic bottlenecks that have held back the continent from development.

Mr Museveni listed small markets, absence of critical skilled human resource, lack of adequate infrastructure, low energy per capita and ideological disorientation as some of the challenges the continent is facing.

The President said the youth must cooperate with the old in a generational partnership.
“There is some confusion I hear at most African Union meetings: Some youth have been confusing biology and ideology. ‘I am young, I am young!’ So what? You might be young biologically but mature ideologically,” he said.

Mr Museveni was speaking at the pan African Youth Conference on Governance held in Kigali.
Mr Museveni said electricity, industrialisation, railway, roads and water transport are critical to job creation and asked the youth to support them.
“Sometimes in Uganda I see the youth opposing these projects not knowing they are committing suicide, unknowingly.”

Mr Museveni also said the African society must metamorphose to leave subsistence farming and embrace industrialisation. “You need food but you also need money,” he said, adding that only 32 per cent of households in Uganda are in the money economy. “This is the big problem: subsistence agriculture. They are a burden to the economy.”

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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