Miracle – What Are the Results of Your Stocktaking?

This year seems to be on wheels! I am only getting used to signing 2014 properly and here it is, already ending.

I guess that only underlines how little I have achieved, or on the flipside, how much I have packed in one year that it feels like it is simply flying by. When my pastor challenged us recently that on December 31 he would require each of us to state what our big achievement of 2014 has been, there was some uneasy shifting in chairs.

It is when you sit down to do a proper stocktaking of the year that it hits you, and usually not in flattering terms.

If you are pleased with what you have managed to fit into 2014, to God be the glory. Still, how much has been left undone?

If 2014 has flown by, leaving you “without enough time” to do anything, 2015 is around the corner. True, I am not so big on new year resolutions, because mostly we can only present our plans and hearts’ desires to the Lord, and He does His perfect will however, there are things almost etched in stone that are expected of us as Christians, as God-fearing people, year-in, year-out. How far with those ones?

I know there are people who entered 2014 with grudges and are marching into 2015 with the same unforgiving spirit. There are others who vowed to bring unfinished business of 2013 to a close this year, but it looks like it is rolling with them into the New Year.

Most importantly, someone is possibly ending this year on the same note – having not cultivated a more intimate relationship with the Lord. We could be shining the spotlight on physical and tangible achievements, when the more meaningful goals – relationships, principles, or even habits – have remained untouched this year.

Well, the Bible says in 2 Peter 3:8, that to God, one day is as a thousand years. With just a few days to round off this year, it is not too late to make changes, if you are willing to do an honest stocktaking.

What looked insurmountable can change within hours if you pray for God’s grace. The physical changes may require months and hard labour plus sacrifice to achieve, but thank goodness, spiritual change only requires one’s will and God’s grace.

Don’t carry baggage into 2015.

Source : The Observer

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