Miracle – Try to Stay Outside the Box

Sometimes I am at a loss as to what image of a mulokole, people really prefer.

The 1970s and 80s born-again pastor was often ridiculed for his or her biting poverty, and today’s pastor is eyed suspiciously because of his or her general prosperity. Many evangelists even today will tell you of people who quip: “Let your God help you first!” when they preach to them the goodness and greatness of the Lord, yet their situation seems just as dire as that of the people they are preaching to.

Today, I concede there are so many false prophets and money-hungry preachers who have deviated from the word of God and the full gospel. But I am also proud of the countless more who, through staying faithful and standing for Jesus where it was impossible for others to stand, God genuinely blessed and are living testimony of the kind of God we serve.

Many people even flinch at the mention of money at the pulpit, be it encouragement to tithe or a declaration of one’s faith in a prosperous future. But why?

The gospel can no longer be taken to the corners of the earth on donkey-back like in Jesus’ time so, let us pluck our heads out of the sand. I think we are too harsh on the men and women of God. Even cases where they receive free cars, etc, the haughty looks they receive from bystanders are pathetic!

Why should we believe God for the fine things in life, the best education and opportunities for our children, the houses of our dreams, but when a servant of the most high God harbours similar dreams, then she is sinful?

One woman even wrote in from the USA once, angry that pastors drive flashy cars yet many among their flock are poor. I asked her: “When you boarded that aeroplane worth $2,500 to go to the USA, weren’t there any more poor people in your community who could have lived off that money for years?”

Even the clergyman who owns a bicycle is still the envy of someone, somewhere. God can really bless the servants He uses, just as He blesses you not all of them attain wealth dubiously. And I know they help countless people not even related to them – they just don’t publish it in a gazette.

And why are born-again Christians generally regarded as gullible, stupid people whose money is snatched out of their pockets as they pray?

Because, gullibility is relative a penniless man on the street will look at you taking a Shs 1,000 coin to the offertory basket and probably think: “Why is he wasting that on a rich institution when I don’t have food?”

In the Pentecostal churches, we have crazy faith, I admit one can decide to give an entire month’s salary to his or her church. Their business. Don’t call them gullible, for you don’t know what faith drives that action.

Besides, some of the richest institutions globally are church establishments. And they are not even Pentecostal. And yes, that wealth does come from you, their flock, too!

So, think outside the box.

Source : The Observer

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