Miracle – Those 21 Grammes Mean Everything

I first came across the reference to the human soul weighing just 21 grammes in one of Jodi Picoult’s novels and I thought it was just good fiction writing.

But then I have seen other scientific references to the fact that when a human being dies, his or her weight drops by 21 grammes – the weight of their departed soul, some have concluded. That is not even a fortieth of a kilogramme. Yet this small portion of you controls virtually everything that makes you not only human, but also a good Christian.

It is incredible how something so small can hold so much. I remember a sermon during which my pastor taught about the correlation between one’s body, soul and spirit.

Pastor Stephen Mukulu said back then (and it still stands out as one of my most enlightening sermons) that for a Christian to attain perfect balance, one needs one’s soul and spirit to be in harmony. Only then, can the body follow meekly where the other two lead.

But should the body win over the spirit, one’s soul will again automatically follow, even if the two lead it to destruction and hell. See, every thing you can think of – good and bad – dwells in one’s soul. It is what defines character, whether one is envious or generous rebellious or humble bitter or forgiving, etc.

On the other hand, the spirit is the part of you that God, through His Holy Spirit, joins with if you allow Him, to cleanse your soul and heal your body, etc, and the body is simply the shell that houses the two.

But that does not mean the body is not influential. It is the powerful part that craves the carnal pleasures of the world, even when they are in contrast to God’s will. It will send one into fornication and adultery, another into alcoholism and another into homosexuality, and so forth.

So overbearing can the body be that if one has not invited the Holy Spirit into one’s life, or guarded one’s soul through salvation and deliverance, the body can run roughshod all over them.

So take care of that 21 grammes of you they determine what kind of life you lead here on earth and later, when our Lord Jesus Christ returns for a church that has neither blemish nor stain.

Source : The Observer

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