Miracle – Rest in Peace, Rosemary [analysis]

Death is always a rude awakening to us.

Former TV news anchor Rosemary Nankabirwa succumbed to cancer over the weekend, and I could not imagine the pain and confusion of discovering you have cancer and then be on your deathbed just four months later! Godspeed, Rosemary.

I had met her about ten years ago when we were both on duty and found her packed with so much life, beauty and fun. And to think she is now dead…

The same feeling I got over the singer AK47’s death last month washed over me the triviality of life and the greatness of God.

While some people push past their hundredth birthdays with all their teeth and even eyesight intact, you see another with a mere tumour wrecking so much havoc and shutting down an entire system. It makes our lives seem to be hanging by a thread, with just one entity controlling the strength and longevity of that thread. And that is God.

Our power, influence, beauty, money, popularity, name it, do not matter when you think about it. All power lies in having that ‘thread’ in tiptop shape, and having a good relationship with the one who controls the ‘thread’, for we don’t know when He will add elasticity to it or when He will decide to snap it short.

In both scenarios, His ways are not our ways, and His decision is always for our good. I hope Rosemary’s family takes comfort in that, and the fact that she had a wonderful relationship with her God. Last weekend, a brother in Christ amused us when he shared that he once went into a two-week fast and prayer, asking God to take him home – as in, die.

Three days to the end of his fast, a preacher told him conversationally (he had not shared his prayer with her): “Man, you will not die. You still have things to accomplish for God.”

Yes, it is never up to us. Painful as death is, and premature as it may always seem, Rosemary had possibly ran her race and fought her good fight and it was time to go home.

May she rest in perfect peace.

Source : The Observer


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