Miracle – Pray for Your Nanny

Ah! That brutal housemaid who dominated last week’s discussions certainly left me with very unchristian thoughts and above all, considering installing CCTV cameras.

In the unlikely event that you have still not seen the video, a housemaid was captured by her bosses on a hidden camera, beating up their toddler and kicking it around like a football, all for throwing up food she had forcefully fed it. I checked my bones for any traces of self-control I could have possibly summoned were I to find myself in those parents’ shoes, and I sadly found none! Yeah, more prayer needed for me there…

But more importantly, the video raised issues of the strangers we invite into our homes and entrust them with our children and assets. More than ever, we need to pray for our house help – and children, of course – because like someone mentioned on social media, installing cameras will only expose the vices, not necessarily stop them.

What can truly curb them is knowing what Psalm 127:1 says in part that except the Lord keeps a city, the watchman wakes in vain. Many times when I am driving out the gates, the housemaid is the last person I see and often tell her out of habit, really: “Mukama akukuume (may God watch over you)”, but I think I am now going to say it daily and with g conviction.

Like one Nigerian once said in dramatic fashion only associated with the West Africans, when a new maid is being recruited into her home, she (the maid) is required to place her bags by the door, throw her hands in the air as the new boss prays over her and rebukes any demons lurking in the shadows before she can enter the house!

I heard that years ago, and still laugh at how ridiculous it sounded, but not anymore. The Ugandan maid in the video definitely needed deliverance prayers before being dispatched into anybody’s home.

Which woman does not respond to a baby’s wails of agony and for mercy? Unless that person is possessed by a darker force, for sure. If she can be that unkind to a child, imagine the things she would do to the food and drinks she fed her bosses!

The debate has often shifted to how her bosses possibly treated her to force her to take it out on their child. I don’t buy that she is just a demon-possessed person. She had an option to quit, if she was unhappy with her terms and conditions.

There is no justification for such evilfs. Pray about and for your help and leave the only dependable CCTV camera in charge: Jesus Christ.

Source : The Observer

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