Miracle – One More Reason to Preach It!

About ten years ago I bumped into a friend who was being oppressed by the devil from all sides.

Her life was simply a mess at a tender age. I had just recently become born again myself, and was on my way to an evening fellowship near her home so, I told her briefly what the Lord had done for me and others lately.

I asked her to try Jesus, but I knew, from being friends with her a long time, that she was from a strict Muslim family and that she said her prayers five times a day. I was respectful of that and did not press aggressively for her to give her life to Christ. Nonetheless, I testified and invited her to the fellowship, which was being held in a church member’s home garage back then.

My pastor prayed for her and we went our separate ways as the fellowship moved. Occasionally, like once a year, we kept in touch by phone and talked about what God had done. Along the way, I had learnt she had given her life to Christ and I thanked God that possibly, the tiny seed I planted back in the day blossomed into fruit.

Then last month she called and wanted to come see me at home. It turned out, God had sent her to me with a message. First, as a dream, then as we prayed together, as further revelation. And the way this woman prays! I was in awe. She is such an anointed intercessor I could not help but occasionally peep at her from the corner of my eye and think, “Wow!”

When she left, I sat back and realised God had just given me free lessons in “why we should preach the gospel”.

I mean, to think that the person you once tried hard to convince about Jesus Christ becomes the vessel God uses in your life at some point!

So, when we don’t preach, we are not only denying the other person the truth and the freedom it brings we could also be hindering God’s intended processes in our lives and other people’s lives, through that person.

I am quite shy – or should I say, protective – about preaching I don’t like it when I talk to people about Jesus Christ and they start arguing nastily or being blasphemous so, I usually find myself keeping quiet instead.

But this recent ‘lesson’ is making me rethink my stance…

Source : The Observer

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