Miracle – Lessons From Simon Peter

Luke chapter 5 in the Bible has so many lessons every time I listen to someone teaching from that chapter, I marvel at the number of mysteries in God’s Word.

It is Luke 5 that teaches us that to God all things are indeed possible. For, how else do you explain such a huge catch of fish during daytime, when these men had been toiling without success the entire night?

Those conversant with fishing will tell you that night time is the best time to go fishing that is why you will see Lake Victoria dotted with small lights from fishermen’s lanterns at night. Yet Simon Peter and his colleagues had just suffered defeat on the lake at its most profitable time.

And here comes Jesus Christ during the daytime when they have all but given up, and asks them to let their nets down into the deep, and they catch so much fish, their nets begin to tear. It is Luke 5 that delivers the important lesson of allowing God to use us, and what is ours, as vessels to deliver many more people, just like Simon availed his boat for Jesus to preach.

Luke 5 also demonstrates our God, the great El Shaddai – the God of more than enough. Simon and his crew just wanted enough fish to get by, I am sure what God gave them was more than even their nets could handle! The Bible says, the catch was so big, their boats began to sink.

That chapter teaches obedience and perseverance. Simon, despite his protestations that they had already toiled all night, said in verse 5: “…nevertheless at thy word I will let down the net.” It teaches above all, faith – casting our spiritual nets into the deep.

But the message I love most from this chapter, is the fact that Simon Peter did not allow the big catch to draw him away from God and closer to the lake with its immense wealth.

In verse 11, the Bible says, “And when they had brought their ships to land, they forsook all and followed [Jesus].” That takes deep revelation. When God gives you what you were yearning for from Him, and instead of forgetting about Him you bury yourself even deeper into Him, it means you have understood that indeed the universe and all in it are His. That this was just a beginning.

For us today, on the contrary, once our prayers are answered, chances are it will also be the last time God ever hears from us. Read Luke 5 and emulate Simon Peter. When Jesus delivers a miracle, He is only starting on you stick by His side and not by the miracle’s side, for the miracle oftentimes is perishable. Jesus is eternal.

Source : The Observer

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