Miracle – Leave Your Old Practices Behind [opinion]

Some people believe their blessings come from their dead

I was recently in the village mediating between warring relatives – sisters, from the same mother and father. Both their parents are deceased.

As the accusations flew back and forth, one sibling blamed the other’s suffering on the fact that she has not gone to dig around her parents’ graves. Sigh!

This is still a big deal, apparently Christians truly believe their blessings come from their dead ancestors. Balokole too, strangely. Not that born-again Christians should leave their burial grounds untended or overgrown with grass. It is this reverent sweeping of fingers over the grave as one asks for blessings that is problematic. The church’s work is really cut out.

I find it quite strange when a born-again Christian invokes the name of the dead when seeking redemption. King David said in Psalm 121:2, “My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth”. No one else.

The Bible is also clear on necromancy in Deuteronomy 18:10-12 you cannot communicate with the dead and please God. In fact, King Saul, at his lowest point after God had rejected him, stooped so low as to seek out the spirit of the dead prophet Samuel.

You cannot give God’s glory to a dead person. One widowed Ugandan woman had such a hard time letting go of the spirit of her dead husband, and lived for the nights he “came in through a window to console her”.

When her prayer partner heard of her latest obsession, she took her to a pastor for counselling, but the widow was incensed that the pastor was trying to talk her out of her only source of comfort. The pastor thus told her to test the spirit, as the Bible aises us he asked her to ask “her husband” to use the front door as the head of the house and not sneak in through a window.

The next time she saw the apparition, she did as the pastor suggested, and before her eyes, it transformed into an ugly creature that tried to strangle her throughout the night. That is when she agreed to prayers for deliverance.

Similarly, when our loved ones die, many times their images are hijacked by other forces that use them to manipulate our lives accordingly, if we let them.

Make sure your loved one’s final resting place is clean and beautiful for your peace of mind, but don’t turn it into a prayer altar or source of answers. That is necromancy and idolatry.

Source : The Observer


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