Miracle – Get Ready for the Squeeze

Reading from Acts 8 last Sunday, my pastor gave me quite the scare.

While the rest of the congregation seemed to be whooping and hallelujaring in agreement, I was almost gripping my seat in trepidation. You see, that chapter 8 is about Saul’s persecution of the church, and how because of that, many formerly stuck-in-one-position ministers of the church in Jerusalem were catapulted onto higher levels.

After some, including Stephen, died during this persecution, others such as Philip fled and found themselves in a higher calling in their exiles. Philip, for example, had been a deacon in his church, but when he fled Saul’s persecution, he ended up as an evangelist in Samaria, the ministry he is best remembered for in the Bible.

And there we were, with my pastor, Stephen Mukulu, saying the time is upon us, when situations are going to become so trying, so difficult, but just so we may be forced to jump to the next level of glory. After all, don’t all things work together for good… ? (Romans 8:28)

And the congregation was up on its feet, shouting Amen!

Was something wrong with me? I felt we should have simply sat there grimly, muttering, “Let your will be done, Lord”.

For I was thinking of an orange being painfully squeezed before sweet juice can flow forth. I was thinking of the oil being pounded from groundnut paste. For, a trial or tribulation that ejects you forcefully from one level of glory to another cannot be a joke.

Some of us are already in the middle of those painful processes for others, they are yet to start. Yes, I do want to go to another level in ministry, in life, in everything, but Lord be merciful even as you do your perfect will!

Source : The Observer

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