Miracle – Don’t Defile God’s Temple

You owe it to God to take good care of His temple, you know…

And by temple, I am not referring to the beautiful church building you pray in but, rather, the body in which both you and Him dwell. Don’t use your faith and His grace stubbornly. Take care of yourself otherwise, that temple of God, which also doubles as the body that physically takes you from point A to B, will become a source of shame, instead of bringing Him glory.

I find it quite unacceptable for a servant of the most high God to have smelly armpits, a smelly mouth or be careless about lifestyle habits and choices. We owe it to God to stay in good shape in order to preach the gospel without causing others to stumble and sin. They sin when they backbite you, you know!

In born-again churches, prayer, worship and preaching often come with physical contact, but you don’t want people you are preaching to, to pass out not because they have been slain in the Spirit, but because of your horrible body odour!

Or, imagine the pastor saying, “Turn to your neighbour and tell them… .” only for you to turn and the neighbour you are stuck with never paid attention to any part of the temple of God that morning. Uncomfortable.

The Bible says our bodies are temples of God. Think of your body that way – as a sanctuary – and pay it better attention. Work out more clean up better eat responsibly and healthily, get enough sleep.

From experience, the gospel is not only preached from pulpits and street corners it is also preached using our appearances the way we carry ourselves and the way we speak to others, even when we are not talking about God. That can be enough for one to be curious about whom you worship and where you worship from.

So pay attention to appearances. The state of your temple can draw people to Christ, or repulse them.

The more you think of your body as the place God dwells in, and less as your property, the more you will find yourself consciously avoiding places and activities that may defile it. The more you will find yourself striving to look and feel good every single day.

Source : The Observer

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