Miracle – Compromise Now Upon Us

Have you come across the ‘grace message’ by any chance? It makes me shudder at what could come next.

There are many Pentecostal churches that formerly preached the full gospel, but have now reworked their doctrines to focus on just grace. There are others that preach only faith, and nothing else that as long as one has faith and visualises what one wants, one will get it even without much prayer, deliverance, or even fellowshipping!

Now comes the grace message, where some churches are teaching that Jesus Christ died for our sins 2,000 years ago and cleansed our souls once and for all. So, whatever sin one commits now, it is just the body misbehaving and the grace is sufficient no need to change, no need to condemn oneself.

The churches fronting this message don’t encourage their followers to depart from sinful ways, instead assuring them that no worries are needed, hell fire is not for them because their souls are still clean even as their bodies err. What a malady!

I think more than ever, Christians need to be very careful when church-hopping. You just could jump from a frying pan and into the fire. The only doctrine we should follow is the doctrine as taught by Jesus Christ, as documented by the Bible.

Even the apostle Paul says in one of his letters that just because God’s grace is sufficient, it does not mean we should go ahead and sin. It is the devil’s tactic to trivialise sin and make seeking after righteousness look foolish and dorky.

In the quest for donor money and overflowing congregations and the offertorytithes that come with that, increasingly churches are coming up with doctrines to accommodate everyone, without helping people overcome vices through scriptural teachings, prayer and deliverance.

These days, the principle is to let people be comfortable and not feel judged, even when that means them dying in sin. Be careful which table you are feasting at.

Righteousness still is and will always be cardinal to the walk of salvation. Don’t look for a church that only waters your inequity look for one that helps you become a better person physically, spiritually and socially.

Source : The Observer

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