Miracle – and We Are Still Here?

An incident last week reminded me how much we are in God’s hands and at His mercy on a daily basis.

There is little we can do to dictate events in our lives we only have to surrender to Him every waking moment. For who knows where a terrorist will strike next or which drunken driver will come at your children zipping into the opposite direction of a one-way road?

A friend called me and several others last week to share an elaborate doomsday prophecy she had also heard. Kampala was going to descend into chaos after a series of unfortunate political events that week, and the prophet was aising people to stock food in case of war, buy dollars and so many other hair-raising things.

The friend called close to midnight and when I was off the phone with her, I had an OMG moment, but then I remembered all those years wars broke out around us with absolutely no warning, and only God came through for us, even when many of us hardly knew Him at a personal level.

With that assurance, I said a prayer reaffirming my trust in God and went to sleep. But I tell you, that prophecy caused its share of commotion in sections of Kampala last week! Someone called me the following morning in panic mode, because she did not have money to stock up for the “looming war”.

I asked her what she stocked for all the other wars Kampala has seen, and what she hoped to use the dollars for should chaos indeed break out, and we had a good laugh about it, calming her fears. We did not know this prophet still we agreed not to despise prophecy, but instead to trust God.

It is that God who proclaimed doom upon Nineveh through Jonah, but when the city repented, He withheld His wrath to the prophet’s chagrin, the Bible says in the book of Jonah. Besides, the Bible also says in Psalm 127, that we build in vain if the Lord does not build our houses and that the watchman wakes in vain if the Lord does not keep the city.

Well, we got through that week without a scratch, glory be to God. And we continue to trust Him for preservation, for forgiveness and for transformation. Running around like Chicken Little (the sky is falling) every time there is a spark, does not exactly stop the spark from developing into a full-blown flame. But prayer, repentance and intercession will do wonders.

Source : The Observer

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