Ministry blames poorly-trained teachers for failures in sciences

Kampala. The Ministry of Education has blamed pupils’ poor performance of science subjects on poorly-trained teachers.

Dr Yusuf Nsubuga, the ministry’s director for basic education, said on Friday that although the number of science teachers in the country is low, the biggest cause of poor performance in science subjects is because they leave the training colleges without the required skills.

“As a country, we have an acute shortage of science teachers. But even the available are terribly incompetent to handle the subjects as a result of poor quality training and the poor grades at the time of admission to colleges,” Dr Nsubuga said.

Dr Nsubuga was speaking at the release of the National Assessment of progress in education (NAPE) report made by Uganda National Examinations Board (Uneb) last year.

According to Mr Mathew Bukenya, Uneb executive secretary, students continue to fail English and Biology because they have been trained to cram subjects. “Cramming is a threat to the future of education in the country. Many students have difficulty composing their own prose.

They resort to cramming those already written and supplied by their teachers or in textbooks with a view of passing tests,” Mr Bukenya said.

He noted that although they were able to assess secondary students in Biology, Mathematics and English language under the World Bank support, it wasn’t possible for primary schools as the funds were inadequate.Mr Amos Opaman, the lead researcher, said teachers are still lacking in interpretation of the curriculum.

“Teachers find it difficult to discern what to teach, how much of it, how to teach it, when to teach it and to who. Many don’t understand the reason behind the progressive nature of the curriculum,” Mr Opaman observed.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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