Ministers to Party Over Amama Mbabazi Exit

The NRM Chief Whip is organizing a party for the cabinet at Club Guvnor in what is believed to be a celebration of Amama Mbabazi’s sacking.

At the end of Thursday’s cabinet meeting, the first after former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi was fired exactly one week ago, Justine Kasule Lumumba asked for the ministers’ indulgence to organise a party although she didn’t disclose what for.

In the absence of President Museveni who has just attended the UN General Assembly in New York, the session was chaired Henry Kajura Muganwa, the first deputy prime minister.

Previous meetings have been chaired by Mbabazi. Our source at the meeting said Mbabazi’s exit was neither discussed nor was his absence felt. Speaking about the mood in the first post-Mbabazi cabinet meeting at the President’s Office on the 9th floor on September 25, the source said it was business as usual apart from the Lumumba surprise.

“Surprisingly, at the end of the cabinet meeting during the AOB [any other business], the chief whip asked for the ministers’ consent for her to organise and fund a get-together for ministers at [Club] Guvnor,” the source said.

Guvnor is the posh wing of popular nightclub Ange Noir.

The ministers’ response to Lumumba’s proposal, our source said, was lukewarm.

“This left ministers murmuring about what the Guvnor party was for,” the source said, adding that the date for the party is to be communicated later.

Asked to comment on the matter yesterday, Lumumba was not forthcoming.

“My friend, I am busy,” was all she could say on phone.

The Observer has also learnt that the cabinet plans to hold a retreat from October 1-2. Asked whether the changes that saw Mbabazi replaced by his friend Dr Ruhakana Rugunda were officially communicated to cabinet members by either Kajura or Lumumba, the source replied ‘no’. “Nobody mentioned anything about that,” the source said. “Like I told you, it was as if nothing had happened.”

On the day, the cabinet considered two reports, one on the LC-I elections and the other on the clashes in the West Nile district of Moyo between South Sudanese and Ugandans.

Source : The Observer

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