Minister Warns Absentee RDCs

In a speech at the 10-day retreat for resident district commissioners (RDCs) and their deputies on Monday, Minister Frank Tumwebaze warned that absenteeism will not be tolerated by the Office of the President.

Speaking at the National Leadership Institute Kyankwanzi on Monday, Tumwebaze, the minister for the presidency, who is the line minister for RDCs, commended them for a job well done so far.

Thereafter, the minister expressed disappointment with some of the RDCs that do not take their work seriously.

“Some of you, as you know yourselves, continue to be habitual absentees at work without any authorization to be out of station, be it for short or long periods. This will not be tolerated anymore, irrespective of what justification you may have,” he said.

Tumwebaze was delivering the keynote address at the retreat being attended by RDCs, their deputies, district internal security officers (DISOs), and chief administrative officers (CAOs).

The minister spoke of RDCs who are in the habit of being absent from work for long periods without authorization, describing it as a form of corruption given that they continue to draw salaries for no work done. On a happier note, Tumwebaze announced that President Museveni had enhanced their fuel facilitation.

“His Excellency the President listened to your plea in your memorandum at last year’s retreat and your fuel has now been enhanced. I am sure you know this,” he said.

“I will also continue to discuss with the ministry of finance to see that fuel for monitoring is further increased gradually over the years,” he added, urging them to prove their worth and relevance.


Tumwebaze reminded the officials of their duty to fight wastage of public resources through intensified inspection of government projects.

“You are the gatekeepers and watchmen of government in your respective stations. You should fight impunity in government work uncompromisingly. We are there to support you,” he said.

On Tuesday, David Bahati, the minister of state for planning, urged RDCs, CAOs and DISOs to adopt a holistic approach to their jobs if they are to play an important role in the implementation of the National Vision 2040. Bahati called for a mindset change, accountability and good leadership, which he said are imperative in the quest for effective service delivery.

“As a country we plan every five (5) years we have statistics and related budgets to support our activities, what we lack is translating the plans within our voluminous documents into actual deliverables,” he said.

“For this to happen, it will take local government leadership and public servants to embrace the challenge and aim to deliver.”

To illustrate the import of mindset change, Bahati pointed out that Uganda’s population had risen to 34.9 million according to last year’s census, representing an increase of 10.7 million persons since 2002 when the last census was held.

“It cannot be business as usual when the figures are so revealing and call for a proactive approach to respond to such growth,” he said.

The minister pointed out that Wakiso district, which is the most populous at 2.007 million, had seen its population more than double since 2002.

Source : The Observer