Minister vows to transform Kampala


The minister for Kampala, Mr Frank Tumwebaze, has said his dream is to transform Kampala City to the status of the likes of US’ Washington DC.

To achieve this, he said, Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has laid out a number of enabling plans and policies that will guide the transformation process. He called for public support. “My dream is to transform Kampala to a first class city, the likes of Washington DC, London and Tokyo. That is the road we are pursuing through developing flyovers, revamping passenger railway services and other plans in pipeline,” Mr Tumwebaze said.

Planned neighbourhoods
“We are yet to rollout the neighbourhood planning, which will encompass developing satellite cities such as at lakefront in Luzira,” he said.

Mr Tumwebaze who was speaking at a stakeholder’s meeting to discuss development and planning of Kampala yesterday, explained that the neighbourhood planning will involve developing different areas of Kampala for specific category of houses.

For instance, he said, if Kololo hill is designed for bungalows, no storeyed buildings will be constructed there. “I would like Kampala to be a city free of flies, floods and spilling sewerages. But KCCA cannot achieve that alone. I want to see compliance from developers and all city dwellers to help KCCA drive Kampala to the status of Washington DC,” he said, when asked where he would want to see Kampala in the next three years.

However, developers asked KCCA to check the rate at which buildings are mushrooming within the city, saying constructions of storeyed buildings that lasts only about three months are a risk to people’s lives. KCCA executive director Jennifer Musisi said currently the authority is planning to change the face of all city junctions to ease traffic flow.

She said the Jinja road junction, Queensway (at Clock tower) junction, Bukoto-Ntinda junction and many more will be removed.

“When we propose introduction of cable cars in Kampala, people think we are crazy. But this concept that has been feasible in other cities and can work here as well. That is why we are carrying out feasibility studies before we fully roll it out,” she said.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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