Metrosexual – Please Dress Right for the Golf Greens

I have come to the realisation that, even for the mental sports like chess, how one is dressed matters.

Many of us consider sportswear to be that pair of shorts or Tee in breathable material in some kind of fashionably sporty design or a track suit, complete with snickers or boots. Well, that’s just part of it. Like there is hockey gear and cricket wear, it recently dawned on me that even for golf, a sport I hitherto assumed to be so boring and archaic, there is a dress code a chic one at that, I must confess.

At the risk of sounding almost irrelevant – yet I must go this way to create background to what I have in store for you – I happen to be in the thick of preparations for a golf tourney called the Eskom Open 2014. It is slated to climax on July 12 at the Jinja golf club.

Now, a golf tournament cannot be organised with the same skills of an unmarried arranging nuptial celebrations of a friend. You must have an idea about the sport to organise its tournament otherwise…

So, I got down to not just learning what bogeys, buddies, par or eagles are, I ventured further into making some swings and seeing how far I could wallop that ball. Oh, how easy I thought it was to hit that ball! In fact, I had promised myself to hit it into oblivion – I missed it thrice before hitting it no more than ten metres from me, barely a metre off the ground.

But beyond the hitting lessons, one thing stuck out conspicuously for me, and which I wish to share with you today. And this is the dress code for golf. Golf is a game for gentlemen – and ladies – and as such, I learnt that matters of dressing and appearance are just as important as the hardest stroke – which is called the hole-in-one!

On these matters, there is no compromise. You will even be denied access to the club andor the greens if you are dressed inappropriately. For starters, anything called jeans has no place on the golf course! Collarless T-shirts, the same. Just like the right T-shirt or sports shirt that is not tucked in neatly! And that the right T-shirt or shirt will always be short-sleeved, with the sleeve not beyond the elbow!

The foundation of a golf wardrobe is a pair of khakis. They are simple, they are versatile. They go with everything. Every golfer should have one pair, if not several, and the bottom of your trousers should kiss the top of your shoes.

Shorts too are allowed but not all kinds of shorts. Those safari shorts with multiple pockets are frowned upon and for some strict clubs, you won’t make it in them. The length of the shorts? Well, just above your kneecaps. Anything longer is regarded sloppy and too short is obscene!

Back to the trousers they should be pleat-less. Pleats add unnecessary fabric, drawing attention to areas that probably don’t need it. Ever asked why Tiger Woods always wears his clothes to fit? I am told oversized clothing does not enable you to swing freely. If anything, it gets in the way.

And you want to ask what about the many golf players, especially in Uganda, that do not quite hit the Tiger Woods shape of a flat, almost ironing board like, stomach? Same rules apply, only that this time, you have to watch how you contrast your belt colour to the trousers – you don’t always have to match your belt with shoes in golf.

Oops, lest I forget to tell you this about belts. No belt, no tee time that’s the reason trousers have belt loops! So, if your waistline is above 36 inches like mine, just make sure your belt matches your shirt so that it doesn’t attract a lot of attention to your midsection.

The same rules of colour coding apply for all else in golf, which is if you have a subtle coloured trouser, the top could as well be ‘shouting’ and vice versa. It is like elsewhere, not being cool to wear checkered trousers with a stripped or checkered shirt – simply too busy for the eyes.

Caps are the in-thing. Beyond shielding you from the unkind sun, they add ooumpff to your look. But be mindful some clubs, if not all of them, won’t allow caps into the club house!

So, beyond the prescribed golf shoes – which could be any colour, though predominantly black and white, the glove and the not-so-cheap golf kit – if you have your clothing right as above, you are free and fit to jump on to the course to play.

The rules of the game are another thing, only here we mostly talk fashion and not much else. See you on the greens!

Source : The Observer

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