Metrosexual – Here Are the Office Party Ground Rules

As you read this, folks are gearing for an office party or two. Invitations are making the rounds, while the in-thing in every corporate’s car backseat is the gift hamper from so and so, with the traditional bottle of wine and whatever else.

It is indeed the festive mood gliding in. But what is a festive mood without dressing for the party? And so today, let us pimp ourselves right for that office end-of-year party, or even better, get into our best to attend a client or stakeholder’s do and get heads turning.

First, we go with the etiquette of the whole experience. You don’t want to come off as the usual bore to colleagues and clients. You also do not want to be the ‘talk of town’ after the party as the guy that had too much fun, got drunk and kissed the boss’ wife! So, here is the tightrope to walk. There is a side you could fall and get fired now you don’t want to go for Christmas with a firing letter or ‘egg’ on your face.

Of course a party isn’t a party without the drinks. Now, please don’t take the wording, ‘open bar’ literally and make it a personal challenge where you shall imbibe amounts previously unimaginable. And mark you, we have different limits. John the guy that sits across the table from you could do just fine with half a bottle of whisky but for you, a tot will get you twirling.

Stick to your beer and within your limits. Office parties are also not the place to try what you have never done before – from drinks to eats. Talking about eats, unless you are sure there is a buffet dinner, please come after taking a meal as your ‘basement.’

Otherwise, those small finger foods that make for most cocktail arrangements do not come anywhere near as a match for an adult male out to have a long evening of social drinking. And you don’t want to be seen grazing on them without end. You need to keep the mouth free to talk without the worry of spewing food on a lady’s collar!

Yes, many of us have those hidden talents at dancing and even singing. You may wish to check if you want to get ‘moved’ to the point of attempting some karaoke, fully aware that was not part of the agreed set of activities. Oh, the things alcohol makes us do!

And when it comes to dancing, please stay away from your boss’ eye, if you are the type to whom dancing means movements that are groin- to-groin. It could send some weird image signal of who you actually are, far from the suave and debonair hunk about office!

This goes together with getting super excited to the point of peeling off your shirt to showcase that deadly lingala move. Yes, you may have the abs and six-pack, but for the love of God, keep your clothes on – no matter how hot it gets!

Then of course there is this bunch of you with so much negative energy, having had quite a run-in with the boss for much of the year. Please spare the office party your rants. Just go about merrymaking rather than joining or forming small cliques of colleagues to ‘backbite’ the bosses, and other ‘enemies’, or their spouses.

Just keep your bad manners at home for that day. And that includes the lugambo on your personal life which you may wish to share, especially after a trigger from alcohol. You will not want to face that colleague tomorrow when you turn up at the office, and that could have a long-tern effect on your performance.

And then, just try NOT to be the last guy to leave the venue, unless you have to drop the boss off. There is nothing fancy about being ‘the last man standing’ hey, this is an office party, not your local pub drinking contest. Anyways, next week, we shall look at how to dress the party since now we got the etiquette.

Source : The Observer

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